Samsung smartphone

10 reasons why you should switch to Samsung smartphone


Samsung is undoubtedly the most popular smartphone brand. Here are ten reasons why you should switch to a Samsung phone next. It wasn’t that long ago when there were only two major players in the mobile phone industry. Back when the iPhone was setting the world on fire, with Steve Jobs being looked at as the Messiah by the legion of Apple fans, one brand stood in his path in defiance. 

The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is well-documented, and one for the ages. In fact, when history books look back at the advancements made in the smartphone industry decades from today, people will still read about the iconic battles that were waged between Apple and Samsung.

Even today, Samsung commands the sort of respect and reverence that is seldom seen in the tech world. People who have used Samsung smartphones in the past are often reluctant to change brands. As such, those who have never used Samsung smartphones are missing out on the coveted ‘Samsung experience’.

If you are wondering why you should purchase a new Samsung smartphone, we give you ten reasons why Samsung mobiles are indeed the creme-de-la-creme of smartphones.

Bigger and better batteries

Samsung is known to offer smartphone models with powerful batteries. Most of the budget and mid-range Samsung phones, such as the Samsung A21s come with 5,000mAh batteries, while mid-premium and premium models come with 6,000mAh batteries! More recently, the brand unveiled two models, the Samsung Galaxy F62 and Samsung Galaxy M51, which house an awe-inspiring 7000mAh battery!

Excellent displays

Yet another USP pertaining to Samsung phones are their displays. Almost all the mid-range Samsung phones come with super AMOLED displays; for instance, Samsung Galaxy F41, Samsung Galaxy A70s, and Samsung Galaxy M31s, three Samsung mobiles under 20000 INR flaunt super AMOLED displays.

Brand name

One could argue that there is no other smartphone brand that has the same brand recognition and trust as Samsung. There was a time when purchasing a Samsung phone was similar to owning an iPhone. However, the brand has since started offering pocket-friendly devices, but it takes nothing away from the quality of these smartphones.

Faster processors

Starting from mid-range devices to the premium models, Samsung uses its Exynos processors in its devices. Thus, the brand ensures that the processors are faster, and offer a seamless user experience.

Better features

Whether you want a 6GB RAM phone or an 8GB RAM phone, or a storage capacity of 128GB or 256GB, Samsung phones offer better features as compared to its counterparts. Most of the Samsung mobiles under 20000 INR come with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, which also makes Samsung, phones some of the best gaming devices. 

Excellent cameras

There was a time when Samsung relied on other features, whilst not placing greater emphasis on cameras. However, today, all that has changed, and the brand offers 64MP quad-rear cameras, and 32MP selfie cameras with phones that cost less than Rs. 20,000! Samsung Galaxy F41 and Samsung Galaxy A70s serve as perfect examples.

The Samsung experience

Similar to the iPhone experience, consumers for years have been clamouring for the ‘Samsung experience’. Long-time Samsung mobile phone users would vouch for this phenomenon, as Samsung phones typically promise the best user experience and smartphone performance.

Pocket-friendly options

As mentioned earlier, Samsung, unlike Apple offers smartphones at various price points. There is a Samsung smartphone for everyone; whether you want a mobile phone for less than Rs. 12,000, or want a premium device that costs more than Rs. 1 lakh, Samsung has you covered!

Bixby virtual assistant

We’ve all heard about or used Alexa, Siri, and/or Google Assistant. Samsung offers its own virtual assistant, Bixby, which works on a different concept. This virtual assistant can actually help you with in-phone actions and tasks. For instance, you can ask Bixby to send an image or a video to anyone in your contacts list, whilst using an app like WhatsApp!

Better security features

Samsung smartphones come with better security features, such as in-display fingerprint sensor, IRIS scanner, or facial recognition feature.

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