10 Tips to Maximizing Living Space after You Move to a New Place

Home Improvement

Whether you stay in a small apartment or a big house, you will find each living space has their own benefits and challenges. After you may spent several years in the house or apartment, you can fit several small items in the closets. Perhaps you would like to expand your family with children and grad children. You may even want to broaden the living space to feel more comfortable in it. So, small areas should not be the reason for holding you back from making your home beautiful and attractive. If you want to make the most from your space, then these 10 tips can actually help to maximize the areas of your house.

  1. Try to form hidden and vertical storage – Vertical and hidden storage is your true friend as you can use hidden storage spaces in the best possible way. In case of storing books and displaying decor, you may use shelving over doorways, open shelving and tall display storage throughout your apartment. You can also install vertical storage into the cabinets, hidden storage under the beds and hanging organisation accessories on the back of doors to maximize storage capacity.
  2. Keep items away from the living areaAnything which seems to be unnecessary such as reusable grocery bags, an old wine rack or some clothes should be removed from the living area. If you do not use the ironing board, keep it aside. If you do not arrange for dinner parties, then you do not require a dozen of wine glasses and five sets of plates. If you hardly go to the the beach, do not keep beach towels and sunshade into the closet space! Decluttering is an essential step in maximising your storage spaces and man and van in London can help you in this regard.
  3. Create adequate space around the windows – Curtains and draperies look just elegant though they take up the space around windows. You can replace them with blinds that will provide more space but allow you to put a drawer or shelf under windows. They will create more space in your house and give complete control of the amount of light that enters a room. Different kinds of blinds are available such as cellular blinds blackout, top down bottom up shades and you need to select the colour that will suit your living space.
  4. Change the colour of walls – You may opt for lighter shades that make the rooms appear bigger and allow your eyes to travel continuously around the space thus, making the room look more spacious. The same effect will be applicable when you paint walls with the colour of furniture. If colours are different, then your eye will stop exactly where the colour changes that form the edges. By having the same tone, you do not find borders and space to continue.
  5. Go vertical to create sleeping loft – Lofts seem to be a great idea for small homes that separate bedroom from the living area and maximize the overall space. The sleeping loft may be placed, just above the home office. If there is an access to the loft, then this can be arranged through ladders or stairs. You can place storage within the stairs which may be accessed through home office or living room. Having sleeping loft is quite interesting as the privacy or work has been set at different levels. Loft conversions seem to be the perfect addition for your home and add beauty to your property.
  6. Use multipurpose furniture and space – Enlarging the space might be functional and your apartment should be able to use one space for different functions. Your dining room table needs to serve as an office for laptop and work surface for your hobbies. You can use kitchen bar area for sitting, dining, entertaining and extra work surface space for cooking purpose. Use futons and sleeper sofa beds for a couch during the day in your living room and sleeping area at night. There are different multifunctional furniture such as an ottoman with storage area, nesting tables that can be pulled out and used when you need them, side tables to use as stools for parties and bench to serve as hidden storage for creating more space in the living area.
  7. Get rid of television stands – Television stands take up a lot of the space but you may swap it for a wall mount. Another benefit is that it is a safer option than a standalone television if you are having small children.
  8. Try to create outside inside – Porches seem to a great addition for your valuable house, hosting delightful tea parties and cosy nights. Whether they are open or closed, the wooden porch will enlarge your home and provide a different way of spending your spare time. If you stay in an apartment, then a large balcony might be used for the same purpose.
  9. Consider floor to ceiling bookshelvesWhen you are dealing with a small apartment, then maximising the entire space is of utmost importance. You may try adding floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to the walls that have lots of books and other items to be organized in those areas. You can also use as a space separator in between the living area and dining room.
  10. Choose mirrored furniture – When placing any furniture that has large mirror surface in your room, hire man and a van London so that you can visually see that the space is enlarged. Mirrored furniture enables to choose a piece of it, that doesn’t make a room appear crowded. You can combine a mirror with other materials, particularly antique looking furniture that has mirror surface for adding much better look to your living space.

Once you finish your entire work with enlarged space in your home or apartment, make sure you keep it absolutely dirt free. Do not purchase junk items when you do not need them and whenever you buy something new, force yourself to throw away something which is of no use to make sufficient space for the new item.