4 Common Signs That You Should Call One of the Mold Remediation Services Winston Salem NC

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Sometimes you can look in the basement and see that mold is growing. You may also see some signs of mold around the air vents. At other times, you won’t notice these or other signs. Even so, there is evidence that there’s mold somewhere in the home. If you experience any of the following, it’s time to call one of the mold remediation services Winston Salem NC and have the place inspected. Doing so could be the first step toward feeling better.

Your Throat is Constantly Itchy and a Little Sore

When you wake up in the morning, your throat feels a little sore and somewhat itchy. The sensation begins to ebb after having something hot to drink and goes away once you leave the house. It’s only after you’ve been home again for a time that the soreness begins to return. It could be that the underlying cause of your sore throat is irritation by mold spores.

And You’re Sneezing and Coughing More Often

Maybe your throat is fine, but there seems to be more sneezing and coughing going on lately. It’s not due to a cold developing or the fact that you like a lot of pepper on your food. The reason is that mold is in the house somewhere. It’s likely getting into the air ducts and being distributed to each room by way of the vents. It’s when some of the mold spores are inhaled that you begin to have those coughing or sneezing fits. By calling a professional and getting rid of the mold, those bouts will come to an end.

Your Skin is Itchy and Irritated for No Apparent Reason

Not everyone realizes that mold exposure can trigger problems with the skin. In fact, people can find that they develop splotches on the skin or have dry spots show up for no apparent reason. There may be an increasing desire to scratch areas that seem to itch more often.

While there are lotions and other remedies to deal with the symptoms, the best move is to call one of the mold remediation services Winston Salem NC and have the home treated. Once the mold is gone, you should find that your skin problems begin to fade away.

Sinus Headaches are Happening Almost Daily

Do you wake up with sinus headaches? Are they remaining with you for most of the day or do they get better once you’re out of the house for a couple of hours? If it’s the latter, it may or may not be the pain reliever that’s helping you feel better. There’s a chance that being away from the mold for a time allows the headache to subside.

If you notice that the headaches return after you’ve been home for some time, it pays to have a professional check the place for mold. Should the pro find mold and take steps to remove it, you should notice that the headaches stop happening so often.

Remember that mold exposure can be bad for your health in the long run. If any of these signs are happening now, call a professional and have the home checked. Along with getting rid of these bothersome symptoms, mold remediation now could lessen the chances for more serious health issues later on.