4 PPC Marketing Tools To Keep Your Business Competitive


PPC or pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that enable businesses to build a strong position online. It increases the search engine rankings and pushes the competition level for the business higher on the market.

However, nothing is possible without the use of appropriate tools. When you plan for a PPC ad campaign, list out the tools that help you with your marketing. We guess you are also concern about the performance of your PPC ad campaign. The factors that influence the performance include the competition, the keywords, the content, and the buyers’ purchasing behavior and demands. Seek the help of the PPC marketing tools to take care of all these things.

Even the experts at a PPC marketing company in Delhi and Kolkata prefer to use the tools to destroy the competition. Are you ready to learn about the tools in different categories? Read the following segment and embrace them in your business.

4 Different PPC marketing tools that every business can grab

  1. Keyword Analysis Tool – SEMRush: For every PPC campaign, keyword analysis is a vital step. Analyzing the keywords, you can find a new set of keywords based on your business niche and that are appropriate for your PPC campaign.

Keyword analysis tool like SEMRush gives you access to analyze the keywords with minimum effort. With this tool, you can collect necessary keywords from multiple sources and improve your keyword list for further optimization.

Other than analyzing keywords for your PPC campaign, you can utilize the tool for search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and other paid campaigns as well. After all, this particular step is the same for all.

2. Tracking & Reporting Tool – Call Rail: Call conversions are pretty important in PPC campaigns. Like other factors, tracking call conversions enable businesses to determine the quality of PPC performance. Contributing this to your PPC optimization process brings a clear picture of the PPC campaigns.

Are you desperate of tracking and reporting your PPC campaign performance? No worries if you are using Call Rail for the job. Call Rail comes with a powerful feature named dynamic number insertion. This feature allows users to track traffic generating from different sources like AdWords, organic search, and social media. Every user is assigned a unique phone number and the number remains visible to the person whenever the person visits the website.

Apart from this, Call Rail also comes with different PPC solutions to optimize the campaigns. For example, reporting, bid management, data insights, etc. If you have a PPC account, you get the freedom to access these features in minutes.

3. Social media marketing tool – SproutSocial: Are you looking for a social media marketing tool to improve your PPC ads on different social platforms? SproutSocial is the best tool to serve your needs.

SproutSocial allows businesses to connect with their customers by performing multiple social activities. From sharing information to posting PPC ads, all activities can be performed easily with this tool. The PPC marketing features that make the tool pro include scheduling, monitoring, and analyzing performance. You can use the tool to identify the best performing ad content and even discover new trends.

4. Google-powered tools – Google Trends: Google offers a masterpiece. If you have a tight budget and are looking for some pocket-friendly PPC marketing tools, Google can be the best PPC partner. Among the most demanding tools of Google, Google Trends is the best choice.

Google Trends is a decent PPC marketing tool that enables users to find different new marketing trends on PPC campaigns. You can come across different activities and techniques preferred by your competitors and use the same to improve your PPC performance. The best thing about the tool is it gives you the freedom to predict the new trends used by businesses in the near future.


Hey, wait. If you don’t find the above-mentioned tools appropriate and comfortable, you can look for other options lying online. In each category, you will get different options to opt for. Grab the free tools that offer amazing performance and get set go.

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