5 Latest Technology Used in locksmith


Technology trends mean improving the old and making way for the new one. The up gradation inspires further development of a specific product. The trend is going on for the most part and no stop in sight.

Security industry has improved quite a lot from the days of old heavy locks to smart and streamlined locks with biometric features. The lock and security technology have made great progress in recent time. On the service end, locksmiths have adopted modern ways to dispense services during late hours and in emergency situations. With the rise of modern manufacturing practices, production and service sector has redefined its limits.

At the locksmith service end, there are 24Hr mobile locksmiths in Fredericksburg VA that can come with the whole shop loaded on a company vehicle to cater to all your locksmith needs.

Here, we discuss latest technology used in locksmith:

1. Electronic lock

With an aesthetic sharp design and built for performance, it is one of the most versatile locks in electronic lock category. It can work standalone and integrated for cylindrical and mortise applications. It can be integrated with special security software like Keyscan Aurora using wireless connection, which allows communication from the lock to the software.

Its benefits include:

  • Mounted LED indicators
  • RFID reader requires no push buttons
  • Streamlined design

2. Trilogy Networx

With the support for around 5000 user with 3 to 6 numeric PIN codes, battery life that could last more than 5 years, Alarm Lock claims to have wireless access system, no power supplies, no hardwiring to the server, no splitters or repeaters, and no user license or access panel. It comes with a kit that has all you need to assemble the lock, according to your need and suitability.

Simple to introduce: Wireless or crossover innovation makes establishment simple by killing the work related with running wire or introducing different parts to control an opening. Conventional access control commonly required various segments to achieve entryway control: peruse, locking gadget, power flexibly, controller and related programming.

It is one of the most affordable in the line with complete customization and support.

3.  ENGAGE technology

ENGAGE technology provides user intelligence and control for transition of mechanical keys to electronic credentials with easy to use fluid technology. These locks from ENGAGE are made to fit in the door prop that makes it ideal to upgrade and replace without removing the door prop or door frame.

Using a screwdriver, its installation takes a couple of minutes. It requires no additional holes or wires for mounting on the door.
Contingent upon the application and site conditions, various changes of those components are required; and our merchants have built items and organizations so the installer has the most extreme preferred position and negligible encumbrances.


Helpful to utilize: Systems, programming and accreditations that are simple for proprietors to oversee and simple for end-clients to manage bring about progressively brief following of staff and a more noteworthy acknowledgment and regard for the security gave by the end-clients.


Independent: Most of our merchants offer the independent structure factor with which we have all become acclimated. This structure factor is very helpful as it works in a dominant part of uses and requires a negligible entryway prep.


Adaptable: By versatile, we mean ready to give a cost-effective answer for any activity from one to thousands of entryways and capable give security. Parts on a system geography for the most part share this profoundly connective attribute.


Various Authentication: Multiple validation innovation can guarantee the most significant level of security. Access control began utilizing keypads, and regularly a solitary code was utilized by everybody. This was for the most part because of the restrictions of the innovation around then.


Hearty and Reliable: You can pass judgment on the items dependent on your own understanding, the notoriety and history of the producer, and furthermore perhaps by the quality of the guarantee and production line specialized help.

Different sellers structure their locks to work with other maker’s entryway controllers and programming. Those entryways which utilize the independent structure factor are crossed over to the next framework’s system utilizing a connector. All entryways in the framework paying little mind to shape factor show up the equivalent to the product and the framework director. A few sellers have shaped various associations with other EAC equipment and programming producers making mix a smooth change instead of a long excruciating origination, development and birth.

4. E-PLEX 7900 RFID Electronic Lock

With a stylishly sharp structure, this rock-solid electronic lockset is worked for execution. The most flexible E-Plex model to date, it works in independent or remote modes for mortise, round and hollow and leave trim applications.

The E-Plex 7900 offers greater similarity and more noteworthy execution in practically any entrance control certification condition. Models are accessible with variable modules each intended to work with an assigned rundown of certification types.

YALE NeXT ouch

More than 170 years, YALE has provided reliable security locks to its trusted users. Now, nexTouch locks come with heavy-duty design and military grade certification for strength and endurance.

It features modular technology and can be easily upgraded from standalone to integrated lock that can cater needs of a house or a small business. It is easy to use with mobile-friendly interface. The device can be controlled remotely using native device anywhere, any time. You don’t need a 24Hr locksmith to tinker with the settings of the lock.

5. Westinghouse

This is one of the most advanced technologies in the locksmith business. Mainly used for sensitive business, government and institutional spaces that look for easy-to-manage access control. You can access control rights to each separate lock and can upload to all the locks in the system by simply uploading the data. It can be fingerprint only, numeric PIN only, or the combination of both on one or a group of locks.

Its salient features are as follow:

  • Up to 3000 user support per lock.
  • Latest generation optical fingerprint sensor with dust and water repellant technology.
  • The best part is it comes with two administrative levels. 3 lots for administrators and 4 slot for managers
  • Glowing OLED screens with backlit keyboards for assistance in dark areas.