5 Watch Types That a Collector Must Have

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Having a watch collection is every collector’s dream and desire. There are five major watch types that you must know about as a watch enthusiast. Whether you are trying to expand your watch collection or buying the very first watch, knowledge about watch types is essential. The familiarity with these styles will help you buy the right timepieces when you are visiting the best online watch store.

While visiting a dealer or an online store, you will come across five main watch styles. So, you must educate yourself about these watch types and on which one you must spend your money. Above all, you must know which type you must wear on which occasion and the chores that you can do while wearing them.

Here is a brief introduction to each of the five watch types that you must have in the collection. This knowledge will help you find the right watch when you will be visiting a retailer or searching for the best Seiko watches the next time.

  1. Dress Watches

Dress timepieces are elegant watches that are adored for their style and beauty. These are the watches that one wears on special events to complement the formal attire. In short, a dress watch is a classic piece that bodes well with business clothing. A dress watch ornamented with jewels can further enhance your look but it must be thin enough to slip under your cuffs.

  1. Field Watches

These are watches for those who have an active lifestyle and love outdoor activities. Field watches are made to match the rugged lifestyle and fits well with the casual dress code perfectly. Most field watches are designed for military use and can withstand bumps and knocks. They are usually lightweight, resistant to shock and water, and come with leather straps.

  1. Diving Watches

Diving timepieces are the most versatile among all and have their own fan following. As the name represents, these timepieces are for divers and meant to be worn underwater. Their water-resistant quality makes them ideal to wear, as they can show time even below hundreds of feet water.

Over time, diving timepieces have gained popularity among watch enthusiasts for their accuracy and sturdiness. Such a timepiece in your collection will certainly represent you as a real collector. However, while shopping for a dive watch, you must ensure that it is made of corrosion-free material. Additionally, it must have a water-resistant ability for at least 100 meters underwater.

  1. Racing Watches

These are timepieces for sportsmen who need something flashier to wear around their wrists. These come in various designs, colors, and styles and usually carry some additional features as well. A racing watch usually has some extra trackers, such as a chronograph (stopwatch function) and a tachymeter (to measure speed per hour).

  1. Aviation Watches

As the name gives it away, an aviation watch is the one that a pilot wears. Such a timepiece helps them navigate the skies and ads style, not to mention additional features. So, you can pick a suitable timepiece that matches your needs and lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Of course, all of the five watch types come with their own merits and demerits. As a real enthusiast, you must have each in your collection, only to wear them to suitable occasions. Thus, you can start building your watch collection and complement your attire when needed.