All Things Essential about Grief Counselling


Grief is something that every individual has to deal with at some point in his or her life. Whether it’s the grief of losing someone or separating from someone dear to you. It is a harsh feeling to cope with and not all of us are capable of getting over grief.

Sorting out the feeling of grief and resolving it is an important step of moving forward. If this feeling is not resolved then it can forever mess with your life. That is why seeking professional help for it is important. Getting help from grief counselling Singapore or in other locations is important.

Below we have elaborated the essential aspects of grief counselling and all things related to it. Continue to read till the end to find out.

Differentiating Between Grief Counselling & Grief Therapy

The distinguishment between the two terms are merely of semantics. While both “counselling” and “therapy” are two terms used almost with the same intention, however, there’s a slight difference between the two.

Counselling refers to the sessions between the client and expert counsellor that helps in coping with everyday issues and problems due to some stressors which in this case is grief. On the contrary, “therapy” is a longer process and helps to deal with chronic and pervasive mental health problems such as addiction, depression and others.

Even though grief counselling and grief therapy are usually used for the same reference it is to be understood that grief counselling helps an individual in dealing with the grief after losing someone. Whereas grief therapy is something that one seeks when a client is facing issues that are out of normal range response and is caused due to grief.

The Perks of Grief Counselling

While it is totally up to you to get grief counselling sessions when you lose someone in your life, no one can deny the fact that these sessions make it a lot easier for a person to cope. Since it is not an easy feeling to deal with and professional help can be a great option to bring in normalcy and joy in life.

If you are someone who was already feeling distress before suffering from grief or if you feel like your grief is interfering with your normalcy then getting grief counselling is the essential thing that you need. Grief counselling can help you heal and recover. You can have a healthy state of mind once you seek grief counselling.

Essential Tips to Cope with Grief

If you are suffering from grief and don’t know how to deal with it then here are some tips for you.

  • Don’t be alone or push people away while grieving for someone.
  • Remind yourself that you are not alone and deserve to be happy.
  • Take care of yourself and avoid the feeling of negligence.
  • Most importantly, take professional help from a grief counsellor or a therapist depending on your requirement and diagnosis.


So, what are you waiting for? If you are someone dealing with grief or know someone who is suffering from it and needs help then make sure to get grief counselling Singapore or in other locations.