composite bonding

All you need to know about dental bonding


Dental bonding has gained immense popularity over the past years. It is a cosmetic dental procedure to retain a healthy and pleasing set of teeth. People often face issues such as broken, uneven, or chipped teeth that give an appalling smile. They cause a lot of inconveniences such as deformed facial structure, oral diseases, and difficulty in eating or chewing. These uneven set of teeth also affects your self-confidence and the ability to smile flawlessly.

Dental bonding also known as composite bonding, refers to the process of adding tooth-coloured resin to damaged and discoloured teeth. This ensures the natural and even appearance of the teeth. Once your teeth go through composite bonding, before and after results will surprise you to no extent. They are highly effective bonding treatment that makes your set of teeth absolutely healthy and white. The process is very easy and pain-free. No additional or follow-up treatments are required after this. The resin stuff that is put on the existing teeth structure helps in reshaping the deformed teeth by filling in gaps.

Purpose of dental bonding

Being a cosmetic dental procedure, dental bonding is responsible for enhancing the teeth’ appearance for a better and healthy smile. There are various conditions in which you might prefer composite bonding, before and after results of whose will be significant.

  • Distorted set of teeth

In the case of an uneven or twisted structure of teeth, dental bonding is the perfect solution. The misaligned set of teeth is evened with the help of resin fillings that look like an original tooth. The gaps and sizes are fixed and a proper teeth structure is formed.

  • Lower set of teeth

In most cases, the lower set of teeth often gets rugged and discoloured due to various factors. This impacts the overall appearance of the teeth greatly. To avoid this, dental bonding can be done. By applying resin to those rough and discoloured surfaces, you can get a clean and even set of teeth.

  • Filling gaps in the front teeth lining

Dental bonding is an excellent choice to fill gaps in between the front line of teeth. Empty and wide gaps seem very unappealing when you smile. Also, these gaps make room for bacteria to settle down and cause infections. These can be avoided by getting a dental bonding treatment. This will ensure a flawless and attractive white set of teeth.

Advantages of dental bonding

There are various advantages of dental bonding. The composite bonding before and after results are sure to make you understand its worth. Listed below are some of the many benefits you will get from dental bonding treatment.

  • No damage

Since this process involves no scaling, grafting, or drilling process, the original quality of the tooth remains intact. An additional layer of resin is fixed on the chapped or misaligned teeth to give it an even form.

  • Easy process

This is a very simple and hassle-free process that involves no complex surgical methods. This can be done within a single appointment or two. You do not require to visit for follow-up sessions after the surgery. A maximum 1-hour session is enough to get over the complete procedure.

  • Long-lasting

The dental bonding treatment can last up to 5 to 7 years if taken good care of. The tooth-coloured resin substance is placed on the tooth and hardened using the UV rays. They become hard tooth-like surface which is resistant to pressure or other sensations. Basic care of dental health will retain the longevity of dental bonding.

  • Cost and time-saving

Since this is a very basic and easy process, it does not require multiple sessions. A single or two appointments is enough to completely fix the problem. You save a lot of money and time because of this. Dental bonding is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic procedures. A single visit to the dentist can fix your problem and you can save a lot of time.