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Are Online Barcode Generators Worthy To Be Used?


Browsing the internet I came across a site that offered a really well done barcode generator. It works online so no software to install but the most useful thing is to be able to download the file in vector and in other formats.

What is a barcode generator used for?

Basically, if you deal with packaging, you will have had to insert the barcode of a certain product within the project. But as usual, the customer shoots you a low resolution image. Barcode maker online helps you by easily creating high resolution (vector) files that you can easily implement in your files. Operation is really intuitive.

Online barcode generators are really cost effective and viable for generating product barcodes for your business and warehouse inventory. You can generate both UPC and EAN Barcodes using the best online barcode generator.

European Article Number (EAN) is a barcode system adopted by over 100 countries. The EAN13 code, consisting of 13 digits, generally the composition of the code is identified:

  • Code of the country in which the company resides, consisting of 3 digits;
  • Company code: It is a 4 or 5-digit number, which identifies the owner of the brand, is assigned by the association of producers and distributors;
  • Product code, complete the first 12 digits.

Why is barcode used?

The diffusion of the codes took place thanks to the ability to store and process a large amount of information in a very short time. Why?

The old way of writing product information by hand on paper used enormous resources.

And thanks to the barcodes it was possible to store the data more quickly: with the keyboard data are entered 5 times faster than by hand.

According to university research, the use of this technology would have also reduced the chances of encountering incorrect characters.

As we said if you are looking for an online barcode generator you will find several tools.
In fact, online you can find these useful tools for your company and for semi-professional purposes.

How the creation of a barcode works?

Many companies that offer the barcode creation service require:

The creation of a company prefix: this allows you to uniquely identify your products in the distribution chain. This prefix identifies your company internationally;

Assign a code to each product: the next step after creating the company prefix is ​​to assign a code to each product and each variant must have a code. The codes must not be changed until there are changes to the same that constitute a new commercial unit.

Barcode printing: this is the last step. The numbers you read under an EAN barcode concern the company prefix, the product code and the check digit. Depending on the graphic requirements for the application on the products, the print may undergo variations in size. The dimensions of the symbol are recognized and defined in the “enlargement factors”: standard factors that are indicated with a minimum, nominal and maximum enlargement factor for printing the product code.