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Aware Yourself About Top GCP certifications of 2021


GCP stands for Google Cloud Platform. It is a platform that offers more than 90 information services and products that are used by several IT professionals, businesses, and developers to gain more flexibility and perform the work efficiently. Cloud computing has made it manageable for individuals or companies to store hardware and software products on remote systems. The combination of software and hardware products delivers some specific services. These services can be accessed through a web interface, called GCP. 

What Is A GCP Certification?

Candidates desiring to have a good job position or a promotion in the current job mostly prefer the GCP certificate. Many youths have fulfilled their dreams of acquiring good pay jobs in widely recognized and well-established organizations with this certification. Today, GCP or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is utilized by several Fortune 500 companies, as this cloud platform offers comfortability, availability, and a gamut of features, like data processing recording, data analysis, data updating. 

The GCP certification validates professionals for their expertise in using Google Cloud technologies, services, and products. Professionals possessing this certification can enhance themselves and succeed in their specialization. How to get the GCP Certificate? 

  1. Firstly, you need a strong understanding of cloud computing processes and GCP fundamentals. 
  2. You have to develop the expertise to design and architect solutions using GCP. 
  3. Later, develop skills to apply GCP for processing and designing purposes. 
  4. Lastly, you have to appear for the Cloud Architect Examination and get the certification. 

Different Types Of GCP Certifications

GCP Certifications are divided into four different levels depending upon the expertise level. 

  • Level 1: Associate Google Cloud Certified

The associate-level Google Cloud Platform Certification is an entry-level certification. It is intended for candidates or professionals with no or less knowledge about the topic. Therefore, there are no prerequisites to gain this certification. After pursuing the associate-level certification, one can move ahead to earn professional-level certification.

This certification enables aspirants to possess in-depth knowledge of the Google-based cloud computing process. Moreover, individuals can acquire the skill sets required to deploy, control, manage, and monitor solutions on the cloud computing process. 

  • Level 2: Professional Google Cloud Certified 

The professional-level Google Cloud certification enables individuals to gain the in-depth knowledge and expertise required for architectural designs. To pursue this certification, a minimum of one year of experience is needed to design and handle solutions on GCP and three years of industry experience.

There are six professional-level Google Cloud certifications, as follows:

  • Cloud Architect

This GCP Architect Certification helps professionals to gain a strong understanding of complex and intricate cloud services and solutions in GCP. Aspirants pursuing this certification are some of the highest-paid professionals in the GCP workspace.

  •  Data Engineer 

The Data Engineer Certification enables professionals to learn data engineering skill sets, like designing and developing data processing, data collection, and machine learning on GCP.

  • Cloud Developer 

The Cloud Developer Certification offers in-depth knowledge and skills of implementing full-stack GCP model applications.

  • Cloud Network Engineer 

Cloud Network Engineers are responsible for designing, implementing, and handling the GCP model’s architecture.

  • Cloud Security Engineer

The Cloud Security Engineer Certification is designed especially for security engineers, who use GCP tools and services to protect the cloud infrastructure.

  • Collaboration Engineer 

Candidates aiming to become G Suite specialists should definitely pursue this certification. They must possess a minimum of one year of G Suite Administration experience, and three years of industry experience.

  • Level 3: G Suite Google Cloud Certified

The G Suite Cloud Certification validates professionals for their skill sets using Google’s core services and tools in the cloud computing process. In other terms, this certification tests the professional’s knowledge in using GCP tools to create and share spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and files.

  • Level 4: Additional Certifications

Additional certifications help professionals to enhance their abilities and skills in handling and monitoring cloud computing services. There are three additional Google Cloud Certifications, as follows:

  • Apigee Certification
  • Google Mobile Web Specialist
  • Google Associate Android Developer. 


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