Best water purifiers for home in India


Are you looking for the best water purifiers for home in India?

You have arrived at the right place.

RO water purifiers are an excellent choice for all people, but it is very difficult to identify which one is best for your family. Below is a list of top 5 best water purifier for home in India.

Best water purifiers for home in India

  1. Kent grand plus UV + UF + RO with a TDS controller

This water purifier provides 7 stages of purification with the help of UV, UF, and RO. This water purifier can be used for water sources like tap water, bore – wells, tanks, etc. This water purifier is capable of removing TDS as high as 2000 ppm.  

Key Features

  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Free service for 3 years
  • It can handle a voltage range of 100 volts to 300 volts
  • With the help of the TDS controller, essential minerals are preserved in the water
  • This is based on the concept of “Save water Technology,” which can save up to 50% water
  • It has a filter change alarm
  • Storage capacity is 8 Liters
  • The purification capacity is 20 Liters.
  1. Aquasure from aquaguard delight MTDS + UV + RO

This water purifier comes with multistage purification, which provides 100% clean water and offers tasty and safe water. The technology used by this water purifier is MTDS + UV + RO.

Key Features

  • Warranty of 1 year
  • A semi- transplant storage container of 7 liters
  • Best for purification of municipal water, groundwater, etc
  • TDS leave from 200 ppm to 2000 ppm
  • LED indicator for power on and off and a tank full.
  1. Havells Max UV + RO

A water purifier from Havells is the latest water purifier blesses with RO and UV water purification technology. It is one of the top brands of electronics items.

Key Features

  • They come with minerals cartridge, which adds natural minerals and corrects the PH level
  • It has a soft touch faucet with a smooth flow, zero contamination, and zero slashes
  • Compact design with corner mounting
  • Protection against voltage fluctuation. This purifier will work correctly for a voltage range of 170 to 330 volts. However, if the voltage exceeds or drops, then the system will shut down completely
  • It comes with advanced automatic alerts for pump failure, SV, UV error alerts, low water pressure, full tank, purification process, and self-diagnostic
  • It can also be used for any water source.
  • This purifier has a purification capacity of 15 liters each hour
  • Have a wider storage capacity of 8 liters
  • Removable tank
  • Tank cover which is contamination proof
  • Revitalize cartridge, which helps in improving mineral absorption and hydration to make water healthy.
  1. Blue Star Aristo UV + RO

If you are looking for a stylish and compact water purifier for you, then the blue star is the best choice. It is available in two different color choices i.e., black and white. Water gets purified with its 6 stage purification process which includes

  • Pre-filter
  • Pre carbon filter
  • Sediment filter
  • RO membrane
  • Post – Carbon filter
  • UV lamp

Key Features

  • One year warranty
  • Aqua taste booster feature, which maintains optimal pH level, improves taste, alkalinity
  • There is a click-lock button on the tap
  • Comes with low water and UV failure alert
  • Tank full and purification on indicators
  • Comes with a storage capacity of 7 liters
  • Has purification capacity of 12 liters each hour
  • Six stage purification process.
  1. Kent superb star TDS + UF + UV + RO controller water purifier

Kent offers an advanced featured and multistage RO plant, which follows UF + UV + RO + UV in-tank purification + TDS controller. You can purify water from any source

Key features

  • No service charges for 3 years
  • Warranty for 1 year
  • It comes with an LED indicator for ROflow, mineral content in purified water, auto flushing on and off, RO pump on and off, power on and off, full tank indication, errors, and filter life indicators
  • It comes with a feature of a real-time display of mineral content in purified water
  • It is blessed in the recovery of 50% of water and also reduce water wastage
  • This water purifier has the best feature of RO auto flushing if it gets increased. This will boost the efficiency and life of the RO membrane
  • This water purifier has a purification capacity of 20 liters of water in an hour
  • You will get a functional storage capacity of 9 liters
  • They also have a UV disinfection in their storage tank