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Best Ways of Getting rid of Mice in your premises


Controlling or removing mice in a premise can be very tedious and tiresome. Mice can be very stubborn at times and give someone a headache in getting rid of them. No wonder some people would rather hire a professional mice exterminator to get the job done. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways in getting rid of mice on your premises. 

Using mice treatment

This is one of the best ways of eliminating mice in a premise. Some of the treatments when used will eliminate mice in the premises. Since most treatments will kill the mice especially when they eat the treatment with the foodstuff.  However, it is good to note that sometimes when a mouse eats treated food it may go and die in a place which it cannot be found easily. This can cause the premises to have a bad smell, which cannot be removed unless one finds the dead mice and remove them. 

Using Mice traps

Placing mice traps in strategic places within premises will enable us to catch mice. However, sometimes you just catch one or two mice in a trap. So this method may take you a considerable time if they’re a lot of mice on the premises. 

Blocking entry points

Mice can enter the premises through tiny holes. It is very important to block every entry point which might bring in mice in the premise. Anytime you notice an opening that can allow the entry of mice it is important to block it. 

Emoving mice attractors

This is another best way of mice elimination. However, it calls for one to identify things that are attracting mice on the premises. Mice can be attracted by various things on the premises. For example, mice are attracted by foodstuffs and they enter a place they can easily hide. Removing things that can attract mice to the premises then will keep away the mice from coming into the house or premises. Although, in some cases, this method cannot be viable especially when you have a premise which stores food kinds of stuff. But identifying mice attractors and removing them can be very helpful in getting rid of rodents on a premise.

Having A Pet

This is another best way to get rid of mice. Of course, when we talk about having a pet to reduce or remove mice, definitely we are talking about having a cat.  This may sound very absurd! But most cats eat mice. When mice discover that there’s a cat which can eat them, definitely they will want to stay away from that premises. However, if the premises are big enough and have a lot of mice on the premises having one cat can be very challenging on the other hand having many cats in one premise can be very interesting. 


As we have seen they are several and best ways to eliminate mice in a premise. Depending on which method one uses, it’s good to understand each method has merits and demerits. Therefore, when choosing the method, then you need to consider it merits and demerits.  

For those who would like to count on professionals, then it is in your best interest that you factor in the pest control price being justified.  After all, pest control companies are not created equal and differ in so many things. That’s why you should compare the prices put in place by different rodent exterminators before settling on one.