How to Do Business in the UAE?

The strategic business location of the UAE makes it the perfect spot to start a new business or open a branch of your established venture. Moreover, the business-friendly laws, advanced infrastructure, hassle-free resource availability, tax exemptions, and countless business opportunities make it a no-brainer to choose the country for launching a company. However, you should […]

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5 Must-Know Benefits of Credit Cards - TheGuardlite

5 Must-Know Benefits of Credit Cards

A credit card can be a great friend to you if used responsibly. It’s a digital tool that is relatively new to India, but these days, Indians are succumbing to its use, largely compelled by the non-contact payment that it affords. With online payments on the rise, paying through credit cards has become the popular […]

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Essential tools you need to run a restaurant - TheGuardLite

Essential tools you need to run a restaurant

Apart from human resources, building and equipment, there are some essential tools required for managing a restaurant. Here we will discuss the two major systems that play an integral role in modern day restaurant management. Point of Sale (POS) systems  A restaurant POS software helps you manage multiple functions such as billing, order management, kitchen […]

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