Dress up your sofas and bedrooms with Khas cushions and covers

Home Improvement

Cushions add the cozy and relaxing touch to rooms that make them look more welcoming! They are the perfect accessory for your bedroom or living room that can instantly transform the room’s décor. Add them to your bed, sofa, bench, stool or chair and wherever you want. Cushions can be used to add softness and comfort to your furniture if it is too angular, hard or uncomfortable. And can also be used for aesthetic appeal as a decorative item to add more interest and create an inviting atmosphere, while making a unique style statement.

Whichever way you may want to use it, Khas has all kinds of cushions and their covers as well. From sofa cushions and bed cushions, embellished and decorative ones, we have it all! And it doesn’t end here. We also have customized pillows that you can use the way you want. Simply log on to our online store and discover the stunning collection of these. Not only are these cushions and covers of the top quality, but also reasonably priced.

Add the comfy touch

Sofa cushions in bedrooms are quite different from the ones you use in drawing rooms, simply because the use of these is different in both the rooms. However one thing is common, cushions change the entire look of your sofas and beds instantly. If your sofa or bed is too dull, add striking colored cushions and if your room already has too much color add some plains, subtle or muted colors to balance it out. So are you ready to give your rooms a makeover with Khas cushions!

Make your Bedrooms more warm and inviting

Bedroom is the place where you relax and unwind, where you want to forget all the worries of the world and have a peaceful quality time, hence everything here must add to your comfort. Cushions are great for the comforting feel you crave for after a hectic day. Without these soft cushions your bedroom will look bare and uninviting. For those of you who will love to sink in the softness of these throw cushions, you can select the fluffiest and plush cushions for your room and make a cushioned haven for yourself.

Mix and Match

Cushions in bedrooms can be in different shapes, textures, designs and sizes to add more depth and dimension. The more variation, the more interest they add. You can go for square, rectangle, round or whichever shape your heart desires and which goes well with your bedroom theme. Mix rectangular and circular cushions alongside the traditional square cushions to lend the arrangement more originality and a tactile quality. Having the right arrangement is important for the overall look. Place them on your bed or your sofa to use either while lying down or watching your favorite show or simply to cuddle and relax.

Add the decorative touch

For the drawing room or lounge you can use decorative cushions that Khas has for you. These come in different vibrant hues, fabrics, designs and textures. The velvet covers specially give a very royal feel and if there is a bit of sequence work or embroidery they create a classy timeless appeal that everyone will appreciate. You can also find a spectacular range of decorative cushions with embroideries and elegant embellishments at Khas that enhance the beauty of the sofas and can liven up the interior of a living room or any formal space.

Cushions for casual use

Cushions always come handy to add extra seating in any room. Sprawled on the Cushion with beautiful covers, they add a relaxing and casual feel to any space. The best part is you can easily drag them anywhere to make comfortable seating for yourself, so they are very convenient and quite popular nowadays. But they look good in bedrooms and lounges but not quite appropriate in drawing rooms as cushions are meant, for casual use only.

Khas offers a wide range of amazing cushions that you can easily order on our site. Creating a trendy and welcoming look has never been so easy! Browse our collection of cushion covers online, and buy them now.

Cover Variations that will spoil you for choices

If you are looking for cushion covers or pillow covers, your search ends at Khas.pk. We have the most amazing variety for all kinds of your cover needs. Covers can add a real touch of personality and character to your space and add a pop of color where needed. At Khas you can find quality designer pillow cover as well as designer cushion covers in all kinds of materials and colors. Find shimmering velvets, classic plains, stunning patterns, unique abstracts, elegant checks and more. If you want to add a bit of more drama, add a complementing throw. Just search for these cushion covers online at Khas.pk and shop away.

Quilts and duvets

Now that the season is changing perhaps it is the right time to invest in quilts and quilt covers. It is best to be prepared for the fast approaching winters and look for those cozy, warm quilt sets that you will love to cuddle and tuck in, in the cold season. Khas has patterned, floral, striped and plain quilt covers and complete quilt cover sets in all sizes for all kinds of beds. You can find single quilt sets as well as quilt covers for your queen or king sized beds. Complete your bed sets now and get your favorite bedsheet with quilt in any color, design or size.

And while you are at it do not forget to check the classy duvet covers. If you are a fan of these there is plenty of variety in the duvet sets collection we have. You can check all the bedding accessories online and pick your favorite duvet cover sets or quilts. Simply add them to the cart and book your order to make them your own. The buying process is efficient and our product delivers what it promises.