Electric head shaver Vs Manual Razors: Which is better?


Many people often get confused while choosing the ideal head shaving tool i.e. an electric head shaver or a manual razor. Well, to make it simple for you, there’s no one perfect fit for all when it comes to head shaving. Shaving preferences differ from one person to another, and so do the shaving essentials. Whether it’s a manual razor or an advanced electric head shaver, they offer different shaving results and require a specific process to be followed. Much like any other grooming product, you need to decide what works best for you. Each of these shaving tools has a set of merits that overweighs the other. Hence, instead of deciding which is a better option in general, you can assess your requirements and pick the one that best suits your needs.

Electric Head Shavers: Key Features

  • Advanced technology: An electric head shaver is developed with smooth shave technology that gives a smooth and effortless head shaving experience. These are ergonomically designed that are ideal for self-use and glide across the head surface smoothly. Also, a modern head shaver facilitates both wet and dry shaves and requires no pre-shave preparations as such.
  • Portable: Electric head shavers are compact in design and can be used anywhere, anytime you want. Most modern head shavers are battery-powered and can give up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted shaving experience. Since they facilitate both wet and dry shaves, one doesn’t necessarily have to be around a washbasin or restroom to head shave. Also, the best head shavers come with a travel lock feature that makes them great for shaving on the go!
  • Value for money: Although the upfront cost of an electric head shaver is high, it is a valuable purchase that lasts longer than other shaving tools. With minimum cleaning and maintenance, you can expect the shavers to offer utility for a long period of time without requiring any frequent replacements.

Manual Razors: Key Features

  • Close shave: One of the key features of traditional razors that makes them a popular choice is the close shave that it offers. Such razors have 3-4 blades positioned in a way that ensures the closest shave possible. You can expect a baby butt kind of smoothened scalp surface after the shave. The position of the blades in a manual razor ensures a closer shave as compared to other alternatives.
  • Refreshing feel: Manual razors can only be used for a wet shave that involves pre-shave preparation. Those who like to enjoy their grooming sessions with a refreshing feel can opt for manual razors. This gives them an opportunity to personalize their shaving regime by using varied wet shaving essentials such as lathering agent, pre-shave oil, aftershave gels, etc. Using all of these gives a refreshing feel after the head shave is done.
  • Cost-effective: Manual razors are highly cost-effective as compared to an electric head shaver. They can be easily replaced and used rigorously for a close shave. Unlike other expensive head shaving products, you can find blades and other replacements for the manual razor easily. There’s no caution or technology involved, thus, making it convenient for use.

How to pick the ideal one for you?

As discussed earlier, choosing the ideal head shaving tool is a completely personal choice. Depending on your shaving requirements and preferences, you can make the decision for yourself. Each of them has its own set of features and merits that makes them suitable for use. If you are still wondering about what would work best for you, try considering the following factors to make your decision.

  • Time – When trying to pick between an electric head shaver and a manual razor, consider the amount of time you can manage to spend in your daily head shaving regime. For instance, using a modern head shaver facilitates a quick head shave whereas manual razors demand a lengthy shaving process that requires using water and other shaving products.
  • Skin type & shave preference – Other key factors to consider while choosing the ideal head shaving tool include your skin type and shave preferences. Those with sensitive skin are more prone to bruises and rashes, therefore, they must avoid the direct blade glides of a manual razor. On the other hand, people who prefer close shaves should always opt for a manual razor as they ensure the closest shave.
  • Budget – There’s quite a significant price difference between a modern head shaver and manual head razors. While the upfront costs of both tools vastly differ, they fetch great utility and value for money. So, if you are willing to make a one-time investment, an electric head shaver is the ideal pick for you. However, if you want a cost-effective tool that does the job, manual razors can be your thing.

Bottom Line

Head shaving is a personal hygiene regime that is different for each individual.  There’s no one tool that is perfect for all. Depending on your personal preferences, you can always pick the best one for yourself. Given the key features of both a modern head shaver and manual razor, you can assess your requirements and make your decision based on that. In general, since modern head shavers are an upgrade to manual razors, they are likely to overweigh the practicality and benefits offered by manual head razors. However, don’t rely on this fact alone! Consider what you want from your shave and pick the ideal shaving tool.