Everything you need to know about solar panel cleaning


Though solar panels are known to be self-sustaining and not needing much maintenance, a quick cleaning every now and then prolongs the life of the panels and helps them do their job better. That said, solar panels indeed do not need timely maintenance when installed in places where people get adequate rainfall throughout the year. The inclined installation, allows the dirt and dust to wash off during heavy rains. Thus, the panels stay clean for a longer period of time without maintenance. As for other places, there are solar panel cleaning kits for sale to get the job done.

Before we dive deep into how solar panel cleaning services work and whether or not you need them, let’s first briefly discuss how dust and dirt accumulating on solar panels hinder its performance.

Why clean solar panels?

In an experiment conducted by scientists over a period of 8 weeks, they recorded the power output when the panels were squeaky clean against when the panels were dirty. The study revealed that the dirty panels produced significantly less energy, and thus, they concluded that unclean solar panels led to a loss in efficiency.

Some of the various forms of dust and debris that brings about such a loss in efficiency include bird droppings, dead insects, leaves from trees, dust, and more. In short, anything and everything that may possibly obstruct the sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells can hinder power production. Over a period of time, the unchecked and continued power loss may have an adverse impact on your home or office life, depending on where you have them installed and for what purpose.

How do solar panel cleaning kits for sale work?

Cleaning solar panels requires some expertise. Depending on the power output, you may have to call in an expert cleaning crew for the job. However, for the solar panels installed at your home, you can rely on solar panel cleaning kits for sale.

Here are a few benefits of using professional cleaning services or cleaning kits for solar panel cleaning.

  • Safety measures: This is one of the reasons why businesses opt for professional solar panel cleaning than cleaning kits. In industrial setups where there are a number of panels connected in a series, the output may well be around 800 volts. Thus, even a minor loose connection may lead to a severe accident. This is why, as a business owner or the head of a manufacturing unit, you should only rely on professional solutions.
  • Proper dirt removal: Photovoltaic panels should only be cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning materials. So, you should either use solar panel cleaning kits available through genuine suppliers or seek professional help, particularly if you have solar panels installed for your business or industrial setup. Non-abrasive cleaning materials do not leave a scratch on the panels or any sticky stain, thus, they are the only way of cleaning such sensitive surfaces. The cleaning kits include apparatus with micro-fibre or soft sponge-like brushes that are gentle on the surface of the panels.
  • Optimal power output: For optimal power output, the panels have to be cleaned thoroughly. Thus, the solar panel cleaning crew uses a water jet spray to clean the panel surface. However, the water pressure shouldn’t be above 35 bars as anything beyond that may hamper the structural integrity of the panels. Moreover, some professional cleaning crews use mechanical robots equipped with rotating brushes to methodically clean the panels.

Key takeaway

A well-oiled and serviced car runs better, and that’s quite true even for solar panels. Clean solar panels do their job better. This is why you should get them checked from time to time. You can even opt for solar panel cleaning kits for sale if you have them installed at your home. However, in industrial or commercial setups, you should settle for professional cleaning services. Do not wait for the rain to run its course.