Functioning And Benefits of Ducted Heating System


So, what is a heating system and how does it benefit one? In case of winters, the excessive cold weather can, at times, negatively impact peoples’ health condition, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. These unwanted scenarios can easily be avoided using a ducted heating system.

Such heating systems can generate the necessary heat and remove the unpleasant cold from your room. Besides this, installing a ducted heating system at your home can be of other helpful use as well. Read on to know further to know more and have a complete overall understanding about the function and benefits of using a ducted heating system.

Overview of A Ducted Heating System- All You Need to Know About 

In simple terms, a ducted heating system produces heat in a specific area using either LPG or natural gas. It is a GDH or Glutamate Dehydrogenase system of an external furnace. The heat exchanger warms up the cool air as the air passes through it and pumps it into the area. This warm air is then spread through a ducting system or outlets.

This device is one of the most versatile heating systems currently able to heat various kinds of homes. These are mainly two types of ducted heating system gas ducted and reverse-cycle AC.

Functioning of A Ducted Heating System- Points to Note

The heating method of the ducted heating system is simple. The process involves taking in cold air in the room, heating it and pumping it back into the room. There are several key components involved in this heating process. These components include a thermostat for measuring and controlling the temperature and a central heating unit to heat the air up. This process is repeated several times as the air in the room is sucked back to the system via ceiling or wall and re-circulated.

This heating system can heat the entire house by using a single unit. It uses a core central heating unit for heating installed outside the house or on the roof. This central heating unit is connected to different rooms through a ducted network system or pipes. The outlet or opening of these ducts is located at the rooms’ walls or ceilings.

Benefits of Using A Ducted Heating System

When it comes to using a ducted heating system, there are certain benefits of using it. Read on to know more.

  • Heating The Entire Home – A ducted heating system works on a central heating unit, resulting in producing the required amount of heat in every corner of homes. The main unit is installed outside the home or at the roof, and it spreads heat through the ducted network to other rooms. This way, you can have your preferable temperature in every room at your house.
  • Easy To Control – Another advantage of using this system is its ease of use. The thermostat allows you to monitor and control the room temperature according to your preference. Besides this, you can also increase or decrease your room temperature just by clicking a single button.
  • Even Distribution – The advantage of having a central heating system is that it efficiently and evenly distributes heat to your rooms.


Based on these important points, it can be stated that the importance of a ducted heating system can never be ignored at any cost; such heating system machines are one of the most used components in both in home and office areas. If you want to maintain normal internal temperature in your rooms, ensure installing such a highly functional system at your place today.