How Do You Remove Grout Before Tile Regrouting?

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Over time, grout can crack and break because of heavy foot traffic as well as inappropriate cleaning activities. Therefore, tile regrouting is necessary to get rid of old, filthy and damaged grout. so, you need to accomplish this task at least once per year for the sparkling and shinier floor.

However, removal of old grout is a time and effort taking process. So, don’t be panic while performing these activities by yourself. However, it’s better to get these services from a professional. Because they know how to regrout tiles professionally.

You need to regrout tile floor for a comfortable and healthy living style. While performing these activities, you don’t need to remove old grout completely. But if the grout is damaged or cracked then it’s better to dispose and remove.

Grout will offer a great bonding between tiles and floor’s surface and keep it clean from dirt and dust.

Tile Regrouting Process:

Remove Old Grout:

Before installing the new grout, remove the old and cracked grout completely to get a smooth floor for a new installation. For this, you can use the professional blading tools and equipment to remove the grout efficiently.

These tools will help to remove the grout quickly and effortlessly. On the other hand, if you want professional services and results then go and get regrout tile floor from professionals. Because professionals know how to offer all these activities efficiently and effectively.

While removing the old grout, remove all the residue and dust on the floor as well.

Use manual Equipment For Small Areas:

After removing the grout completely. Now, it’s time to clean and remove the grout from joint lines and corner. For this, you can use the manual tools such as saw to remove the grout slightly. Moreover, these tools will help to remove the grout from edges completely before regrouting.

While removing the grout with a blade, don’t use it hardly or harshly. It will crack down the floor as well as scratches on it. Therefore, it’s better to remove this little amount of grout manually. Vacuum all the joint lines and corners after removal of grout to make it clean for a new installation.

Remove All Residue:

If you are doing regrouting by yourself then must clean the floor completely after removal of old grout. Moreover, if you are getting these services from professionals then they know how to regrout tile professionally with appropriate pre and post-cleaning.

So, vacuum out all the dust and residue on the floor completely. However, while removing the residue with the help of a blade, don’t scratch over the tiles.

Fill Joint Lines With New Mixture Of Grout:

Grout is available in numbers of forms and colour. You need to choose the grout quantity and colour accordingly floor needs and requirements. however, it’s better to use the grout in powder form. Later on, mix this powder with water to make a thick paste.

Keep in mind, always make a consistent and thick paste for better tile regrouting results. For this, it’s better to mix accordingly instruction provided by the manufacturer company. After making it, spread the mixture on joint lines and corners diagonally.

Don’t leave the excessive grout on lines and corners. So, it’s better to remove it side by side. Otherwise, your cleaning work will double. Try to make a thick upper layer to offer a professional look to the place. For this, remove the excess product with the help of an applicator.

Use this place when the grout becomes dry completely.

Post Cleaning:

After drying the grout, a layer of grout or residue remains on tiles and grout lines. For this, clean the floor completely. To clean the floor, use a soft cloth. Mop the floor with this wet cloth to remove all the haze and residue.

For this, you can also use the cleaning products and solutions for better and professional cleaning after regrouting the tile floor.

Benefits Of Regrouting:

Grout offers great protection against dirt, dust and moisture. Moreover, you don’t need to reinstall grout all the time. However, it’s better to regrout the floor ad tiles at least once or twice per year for better appearance.

Because most of the time hard chemicals and bleaches break the sealant and grout and you need to reinstall it to avoid stains and spills. Moreover, to get rid of mold and mildew, it’s necessary to renew the layer of grout for better resistant.

However, grout has absorption properties. But with appropriate sealant, you can get the 100% protection. It will resist the inside growth of mold as well as sticking of dirt and dust on it. So, you need to regrout the tiles and floor to eliminate all these issues.