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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Tile Backsplash

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Have you ever noticed when an interior designer decorates a kitchen, they pay special notice to the kitchen’s backsplash tiles. These are the tiles on the walls from your countertop all the way to your cabinets. Paying close attention to this area can very well elevate the look of your entire kitchen.

The kitchen tile backsplash isn’t just all for design alone. It serves an essential functional element. When you are preparing food, be it on your stovetop or if you are using a grinder. Because of whatever reason, there are chances of spillage with grease, etc. These spills leave a nasty stubborn marks on the wrong surface. That is why it is essential you have a durable and easy to clean material for your backsplash.

Let’s look at other reasons you need a Kitchen Tile backsplash:

1. It protects your wall area.
2. You can add striking designs to elevate your modular kitchen look.
3. Allows for easy cleaning of spills and splashes during cooking.
4. Extremely durable and resilient.

Things to keep in mind while choosing your kitchen’s backsplash:

Three things you need to be mindful of while choosing your backsplash are:
1. Aesthetic Appeal.
2. Durability of the material.
3. Maintenance needs.

Now that we have laid out these basic points, let’s look at each of these points individually:

1. Aesthetic Appeal
● You can choose glossy tiles that come in ceramic variants. These look Uber chic and ultra classy
● Alternatively, you can also choose marble or granite backsplashes. These are highly resilient materials that are time-tested favourites.
● Glass tile or block backsplashes are a fun and modern twist to your kitchen.
● Let your imagination run wild with patterns. Add your favourite patterns and seal it off with a glass tile for that ultra chic modular kitchen you’ve envied.
● Don,t stop yourself from exploring niche ideas like a metallic backsplash. A copper or gold plated backsplash will allow you to have a very regale kitchen and they are no fuss since they’re alloys!
● If you love antique and raw designs, a classic brick wall never ceases to amaze people. Add a glass slab and there you have it, a functional yet classic look.
● Don’t restrain yourself from having to choose just one style. Mix and match any combination of backsplash materials and you have an entirely unique kitchen!

2. Durability of the material
● Granite is the most durable material for having your backsplash.
● The most common option is ceramic tiles. These will last you decades!
● Stone backsplashes are making a comeback as more and more people want to migrate towards nostalgic ways.
● As mentioned above, you can choose to go for metallic options. An elegant stainless steel option would bring in the class to your kitchen that most magazines do.

3. Maintenance needs
● As I pointed out before, don,t ever restrain your creativity with what everyone or trends say. You need to set your goals and expectations.
● A material such as wood is extremely elegant and classy, but needs quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep.
● Granite and other stones on the other hand are ready to last you generations post installation.
● Metal can give you a very elegant look, but you need to get it polished every couple of years to keep the timeless look going.
● Acrylic material is highly resistant damage yet gets stained after a while. After a couple of years you would have to get your kitchen redone, but it gives a modern look like no other.

This has been a comprehensive look at what to consider while refurbishing your kitchen. Whatever your style, there is a backsplash that awaits you, fitting your exact needs. So, take no further time and call us to get a kitchen tile backsplash that celebrates you.