How to plan a luxurious trip to Barcelona?

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Post, hosting the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona has become the centre for luxurious tourism in Europe. It seems as if Barcelona has been rejuvenated and has become a prominent tourist destination for luxury travellers. And keeping up with the growing popularity of Barcelona, many luxurious inclusions have been witnessed across Barcelona.

Barcelona is now home to renowned 5-star accommodations like W Hotel Barcelona, H10 Marina, etc. and happening clubs that offer an exciting experience to the clubbers. If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, then you are in the right place. Through this post, we will try to explore the things to do in Barcelona, and available options to make the trip luxurious.

An informative insight into Barcelona

Barcelona is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and is a blend of art and architecture. Barcelona offers the best experience in terms of good weather, sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Barcelona is a city with a strong cultural identity and rich art and creative tradition.

A wanderlust soul can spend their days in world-class museums and galleries or explore the narrow streets and the delectable local cuisines. And after the sun goes down, they can hit the clubs and have a happening evening with electrifying performances and energy.

In short, Barcelona has everything that you can look for in a trip from mesmerizing nature to heritage sites in the creative excellence of architecture to the clubbing experiences.

Best time to Visit Barcelona

The tourist rush in Barcelona is typically high during the period between May to early September. This is the time when tourist spots are crowded and the weather is at its hottest. The hotels are also expensive because of the peak season.

November to March finds the lowest number of tourists as the weather is hit-and-miss. One can witness cold temperatures and constant drizzles that do not make for a perfect vacationing idea.

This being said, the shoulder periods, i,e, either April to May or September to October, make for the best time to visit Barcelona. The tourist pressure is also not overwhelming thus allowing a perfect time to enjoy and have a wonderful time in the warm weather.

Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona has a lot to offer in terms of activities and attractions. It is the most happening city in Spain and so is receiving overwhelming popularity from tourists across the globe. Ideally, a 4-day trip to Barcelona is enough to cover the entire sights and attractions in Barcelona.

However, you can also extend the trip to a seven-day one to fully live the city and its attractions. Here is a list of 5 places that are the most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona:

  • One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is a fantastic monument standing high with its 18 spindly towers. This is one of the most unconventional churches in Europe.

  • The history of Barri Gothic or Gothic Quater dates back some 2000 years and is considered the spiritual and secular centre of the city. The historic monuments packet in this area represents the architecture of the middle ages and the relics of the Roman Empire are still believed to be found here.

  • The UNESCO-listed Casa Mila is a famous secular building in the city. This exuberant experimental building looks more like a sculptor than a functional establishment.

  • La Rambla is the heart of the social life of Barcelona which features wide pedestrian sidewalks with some of the most popular hangout places. The place is a wide avenue shaded by trees and divides the old town into two parts.

  • Bogatell Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Spain that offers many options for socialising. The beach features sandy shores with modern amenities to give the best beach experience for tourists.

Luxury Inclusions in Barcelona trip

If you are a luxury traveller, you can opt for Private Jets to reach Barcelona and enjoy travelling in solitude and comfort. You can come across many travel planners who bring you options for luxury accommodations and travel choices.

By opting for these luxury alternatives, you can make your trip a remarkable one. One of the most important and remarkable aspects of visiting Barcelona is clubbing. Barcelona houses some of the famous clubs that host parties that have an electrifying vibe. They are known to accommodate some of the popular bands and are equipped with the best music system, stage settings and dance areas. In short, the clubs in Barcelona are here to give you some of the thrilling experiences of life. Make sure, you visit most of them during your stay in Barcelona.

When luxury is the idea behind a trip, the first and foremost idea is to book a 5-star hotel with modern amenities to make the stay comfortable. The W Hotel Barcelona is a popular choice as it offers a combination of luxury and comfort to its guest. The hotel is located on the beachfront and offers the guests a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona City.

Bottom Line

Trips are always special, whether with family or friends or solo. And you can take an effort to make it more special by planning a luxury trip. The laid-back luxury trips help in creating some of the most special memories.  Begin your journey with Private Jets and book some of the most luxurious hotels to enjoy your stay in Barcelona.