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Is weed legal in the United Kingdom?


The movement to legalize marijuana around the globe has received a tremendous response. People have been constantly pushing governments to make the controversial plant legal, and in fact, in some countries, the movement has brought about the desired effect albeit only to a certain extent. Be it for recreational use or for medicinal purposes, governments are beginning to change their mindset about marijuana, and that’s why we now see some stores and platforms having hash for sale.

The status of marijuana in different countries

  • In the US, weed is legal and can be purchased in over half of the states. In fact, few of the states have also allowed the use of hash for recreational use.
  • Canada made quite a stir around the globe when it legalized the recreational use of marijuana for all above the age of 21. This has made many wonder if other governments or countries should also follow suit.
  • In the Netherlands, carrying weed home isn’t legal, but you can enjoy the plant at a coffee shop.
  • Things are much more open in Uruguay, as people are allowed to buy weed from pharmacies and even hoard it for recreational purposes. However, there’s a catch! Such individuals would have to register with a regulator. The country legalised the use of weed in 2013, and now anyone above the age of 18 can use it for recreational purposes.
  • South Africa is quite lenient about the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. In fact, the country’s court decriminalized the possession and consumption of weed in 2018. That said, buying, selling, or using hash out in the open (outside private spaces) is still prohibited.
  • Are you a Bob Marley fan? Marley’s country Jamaica is open to the use of cannabis for religious and medicinal purposes. Thus, it is easy to buy hash for sale. In fact, the country decriminalized weed back in 2015. That is not all! Rastafarians are permitted to have weed without any restrictions.
  • Selling marijuana in Colombia is still illegal but people are allowed to grow up to 20 plants for personal use. The fact that the plants grow really huge here, the credit to which goes to the lovely climatic conditions, is certainly enticing. Colombia has decriminalized the possession of marijuana of up to 20 grams.

The status of cannabis in the UK

The UK includes four countries – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. They have a single law on cannabis. While that sounds impressive, UK’s law is a bit confusing and the legality of drugs has been graded based on the perceived severity of the drugs/ substance in question. Therefore, drugs like cocaine have been categorized as Class A drugs because of them being the most serious type. In fact, most drugs have retained their original status given to them in the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act.

The government in the UK classified cannabis as a Class B drug. In 2004, it was reclassified as a Class C drug, however, that was short-lived, because Prime Minister Gordon Brown once again reclassified it as a Class B drug in 2008. So, as it stands, weed is still illegal to grow, possess, or distribute in the UK, and doing so can incur penalties or have legal ramifications. However, law enforcement in the UK recognises that cannabis crimes aren’t the most serious and most citizens disagree with the government’s stand on the plant’s harsh treatment. This is why you would find platforms having hash for sale. Moreover, this is why the police have also declared that it won’t be targeting people/ individuals for consuming cannabis. In fact, Durham police pointed out that they would only target people for using the drug blatantly – out in the open, or if there’s a complaint about it. Authorities in Dorset, Derbyshire, and Surrey have also followed suit.

Hopefully, we could address your concern about possession of weed in the UK.