Looking to hire strippers for your party? Read this first.


People love to party, and there are no two ways about it. In fact, there are several manners in which one can brighten up a night, or make a significant occasion a one to remember and cherish. One of the ways in which you can really get a party going is by hiring and using the service of strippers since that would really make sure that your guests get to enjoy the time of their lives.

Here, we will be discussing the various types of strippers that one can avail of in Adelaide, and how to act around them. So, let’s start.

The different types of Adelaide strippers

When we hear the term, stripper, we falsely assume and categorize every one of them into a single group, and that is something that is wildly inaccurate. Let us take a look at the different types of strippers that one can avail of in the charming city of Adelaide in Australia.

Stripper– This is the impression of the typical stripper that most of us have. Well, these are extremely charming and attractive people who would dance in a sultry and teasing manner while slowly taking off their clothes, thereby delivering an experience like none other. The duration of their dances varies greatly depending on several factors, everything from client requests, the dancer’s preferences, the music, etc.

Topless waitress– If you are someone who would love to have topless girls and guys serving at your party, then this is the one to go for. Although the services rendered vary greatly from one topless waitress to the other, they are well-trained in the craft of entertainment and you can be assured of the fact that your guests wouldn’t have to spend a single dull moment with these people around.

Bikini waitresses– Looking to give your party a sultry and hot ambience? If yes, then bikini waitresses are here to do just that. These charming people would assure that your guests remain entertained and engaged while they attend to them in their bikinis. The type of bikini is something that varies from one person to the other, with everything from classic bikinis to microkinis being on offer.

Lingerie waitress– If you want someone to keep the guests entertained while teasing them subtly, lingerie waitresses would be the perfect ones for the job. They are well-trained and experienced in entertaining and lighting up parties. They have the potential of brightening and livening up even the most boring of parties, and that is something that makes them highly sought-after.

As you just saw, the stripper is a term that is often wrongly used to describe others as well. Now let us take a look at the various rules that one must keep in mind while meeting up with a stripper.

Do not touch them without consent– This is a common idea that tipping generously would give us the right to touch the stripper without their express consent. Well, this is something that is absolutely wrong and shouldn’t be done under any circumstance. There may be times when the stripper lets you touch them, but that is something that should only be done with their consent.

Always ask for a private dance– A private dance is something that is extremely personal, enticing, and enthralling, and you should always ask for one when there’s an opportunity. These dances take place in private like separate rooms, etc. Although, it is important to keep in mind that all the rules that the respective agencies specify, apply during a private dance as well.

FlirtAdelaide strippers and waitresses are trained personnel who would be there to entertain the guests and keep them engaged. Flirting is something that they are quite experienced in, and you would be at a loss if you do not flirt with these gorgeous and charming people, and as a result, it is suggested that you flirt with them. But there is something that you should keep in mind the boundaries that are established shall be respected no matter what, and the strippers should not feel uncomfortable or anything of that sort.

Tip– One of the most important things that one shall keep in mind while enjoying a stripping show is that they should tip the entertainers generously. They work extremely hard and go to great lengths to ensure that we get to enjoy the time of our lives, and the least that we could do to show them our gratitude and appreciation is by tipping them generously. This would also help you garner their attention effectively.

Do not ask for private information– While enjoying a striptease or a private dance, one of the most important rules that one must respect is that they shall not ask the entertainers about their personal details like real names, e-mails, Instagram IDs, etc. This is something that is strictly off the books.

Final take:

Adelaide strippers can really get a party kickstarted, and one of the best ways in which you can keep your guests entertained. We suggest that you do your proper research before selecting the agency or stripper that’s best for you.