Medical Chart Review: The Best Way to Deal with Healthcare-Related Lawsuits


Maintaining medical charts is one of the most vital procedures followed in the healthcare systems to assess the care given for their patients. Other than that, they serve as pieces of evidence in case of any medical malpractice cases, product liability, and social security disability cases, insurance claims, and many other medico-legal cases. The key evidence in these kinds of cases will be the electronic medical record of the injured person.

While evaluating a medical or legal claim, you need an accurate review of the relevant medical records. Medical record review is a vital process that lets you deal with the maze of complexities involved in medico-legal cases. This process helps the lawyers and litigators to fight for justice and get the clients compensation or claims as per the need of the case. In this article, we will discuss medical chart reviewing. However, before that, let’s start from the basics.

What is a Medical Chart?

A medical chart is a collection of valuable medical information about a patient since his or her birth. This medical record is maintained by physicians, nurses, lab technicians, or any other person from the patient’s medical team. These records will have some key clinical information like demographics, treatment plans, medications, diagnoses, vital signs, progress notes, allergies, radiology images, and many more records related to the patient’s treatment. In short, a medical chart contains all the records of medical events in the lifecycle of a patient.

If you ever get involved in a medico-legal case, then this medical record will help you get the right compensation against your claim. However, for that, you need to make sure that you have an accurate record of all your medical history. In other words, you need to go for service for a medical chart review. Are you not familiar with the medical chart reviewing service? The following part will help you understand the service better.

What are Medical Chart Review Services?

Medical chart reviewing services are the services that constant monitoring of medical records for calculating quality scores, validating medical claims, and even for justifying various diagnoses.

Medical chart review services include:

  • Sorting, interpreting, and arranging medical charts

No matter how complex your medical history is, professionals will sort your highly complex medical records. It includes organizing your doctors’ notes or claimant interviews and transcribing them if needed.

  • Creating an accurate medical timeline or chronology

The professional reviewer will provide an accurate chronology of medical encounters – right from the time of injury to the time of discharge. So, they will make sure that all your records offer an easy and clear view and you have a solid piece of evidence.

  • Generating medical case summaries

Medical chart reviewing experts will generate medical case summaries that will provide a precise description of all the medical events after the injury. It will include information on injury, ER services, details of hospital stay, diagnoses, tests and treatments, and details of hospital discharge as well.

  • Identifying missing records and categorizing medical records

Sometimes, some medical charts get missing, and what do you think you should do if it happens? The medical chart reviewing experts have the capability to identify the missing medical records. After that, they will organize the missing records like physician progress notes, operative records, and others in their specific categories.

The Bottom Line

So, by now, you must have understood the importance of medical chart review. Also, you must have understood the right way to can get the most authentic interpretation of the medical charts to get the most benefit out of it. If you also want to claim compensation and need legal help, you need to opt for medical chart review services. Other than that, if you want to maintain an organ record of your medical history to deal with legal problems ever, then also you can opt for this service. Thus, you can opt for the reviewing service any time you want.