Most Important Things To Do Before You Travel Abroad


Are you travelling abroad? Did you make sure you have got the relevant visa? Of course, getting the correct visa matching your requirements is the first step of planning a trip overseas. Whether you are travelling for a week or a few months, get your visa application ready with all documents in place. If needed, you can take assistance from immigration consultants for finding the right fit for you.

The second step towards planning a trip should be to create a checklist of things that you need to do before taking a flight. What are those? Do you have some things on your mind? If yes, let’s match it with our checklist and see if you got everything sorted or not.

Renew your passport

Check if your passport has enough blank pages or not. Based on how often you travel abroad, it is critical to ensure that you have sufficient pages in your passport, particularly if you require a visa.

Besides, if your passport is going to expire within six months of your journey, some countries may refuse to let you in.

Travel insurance

Did you buy travel insurance yet? If not, you better hurry. God forbid if you run into an incident (such as robbery or lost luggage) while being outside of your country, you will have no other options but to surrender yourself to the government. However, if you get your travel insured, you can travel back safely to your home country. Find out which travel insurance plan suits your requirements best.

Apply for an international driver’s license

Though you may not need a driver’s license for some countries, if you wish to drive a rental in Bali, Indonesia, you need an international driver’s license. You check the list of countries requiring an international driver’s license on the internet. Also, it is super easy to apply one.

Medical test

Some countries require a medical test to determine that you are in good health and won’t be spreading any disease to the other country. After the COVID-19 pandemic, almost every country requires a negative test result for entering. Even if you are fully vaccinated, a medical test is a mandate for everyone in today’s scenario. Since medical test reports take time to reflect, make sure you get vaccinated, get yourself checked 72 hours before your journey.


We recommend that you book at least one night’s accommodation in advance so that when you arrive in a new city you can stay at least for a night without any tension. We’ve discovered that it’s worthwhile to book something ahead of time to put your mind at ease on that first night.

The next day, you can always visit places to find a better place if you like.

Look for ATM or money exchange in advance

If you are travelling abroad, the most cost-effective alternative is to visit an ATM and withdraw money in the local currency. You can visit the internet and look for an ATM available at the airport. Major international airports have plenty, but there is no guarantee that one would be available if you are going to a smaller airport in developing nations. In such situations, you should consider purchasing some local currency in advance.

Get a travel pack for your phone

It’s a good idea to be aware of your choices for staying in contact with family and friends back home. It’s also cool to video call your Mom and Pop and let them know you made it safely to the other side of the globe.

It is now simpler than ever thanks to new technology. You can try out free services available to you anywhere in the world with an internet connection (such as WhatsApp). Check your mobile phone plan; some can be allowed in other countries, but most will not. So be prepared.

Do your homework

It’s often a good idea to plan ahead of time so that you can spend a good time abroad rather than browsing through guide books. Investigate the locations you want to visit, any festivals that will be taking place during your stay, and activities in which you can participate. Additionally, learn a few simple phrases in the language of your destination country. Hopefully, you’ll learn a lot of vocabulary while you’re there.

So, here is your ultimate checklist. If you have got everything covered then you are good to fly to your destination.