October’s Final Day: Eat, Drink And Be Scary

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On October 31st, everyone waits for every year to drop the normal persona and become someone they have always adored. It does not take a genius to realize that people, for most of their lives, are restricted to some imaginary fashion rules no one ever came up with. The stereotyping of a trend is probably the worst thing you can do with a rising trend.

In the coming days, there will be a rush of fanboys and fangirls looking to get their hands on their favorite Celebrity Halloween CostumesThis hustle happens when you fail to prepare in the right time. Of course, there is still a month left in Halloween, and you can probably do wonders in this time limit, but the costume is not the only thing you need to prepare for.

From perfectly planned and curated appetizers to exciting ways of serving drinks, hosts must take care of everything when planning a theme party. Besides these, Halloween activities, specifically for indoor areas, are an instant mood lifter. You can play basic games for fun to turn up the energy in your socially distant parties.

How to make meals scary?

All you need to have a platter of scary appetizers are some parts of the human body – not literally. A leg with ketchup or blood (however you like it) oozing out, some eyeball finger delights, and dead dummy insects around your trays will do wonders for your table. People remember the food you serve them more than anything else. Make sure you do not miss out on all the fun, trying to keep your table top-notch!

Planning everything helps the hosts in the best possible way. Often hosts are the only ones hustling around the house, ruining the momentum of a party. It is better to set things and prepare meals that require minimum efforts so that you can participate in the festivities like everyone else. A spider web around your table, pumpkin-shaped pies, or strawberry tarts to display blood are easy options.

You can even ditch the fulfilling meal and opt for multiple finger delights if that is easier for you. Because everyone is dressed up from head to toe, it is not possible to stuff for them to stuff their tummies in a single party. Communities have multiple celebrations, meaning there is more than one party to attend in a single night!

How to make drinks scary?

One of the best things this year – Halloween falls on a weekend night! No more trouble for parents to rush their kids back to their beds because of a school night. This gives more windows for staying at a party or enjoying out late at night. Some decorative ways of serving drinks at home can level up the ambiance of your gathering.

For some people, candy is the only highlight of the whole night, but there exists a group that is quite partial to it. Serving drinks as if they are poison will give a jump scare to your guests for sure! A fuzzy and fruity mocktail for kids and a scary-delicious punch for adults! Halloween drinks are pretty easy to assemble; you need some miniature props to style your trays and glasses. Buying some skull-shaped glasses or mugs is the easiest way to add a sinister touch! Another easy way to decorate your coffee or juice is to sprinkle any preferred topping with a spooky stencil.

How to be scary?

Is this even an appropriate question for Halloween? Yes – because there are people who miss out on the spooky memo. Your cosplays, themes, decorations, and activities are all somehow scarier than the usual stuff. Every costume tells a story; therefore, while you are holding things for décor months before Halloween, start looking for a perfect costume.

In the end, you are only left with DIYs, which might have done the job for you if we were still talking about the previous decade. In fast fashion, you barely get time to assemble an outfit, let alone spend some extra bucks or time on a costume. Classic options like Akira Jacket and Vintage leather top layers are always a better investment than an elaborate cosplay outfit.

Choose who you want to dress up like and work on it for at least a month. You do not want to stroll the streets on All Hallows’ Eve in the costume of a character you pretty much know nothing about. Study your character or do a rerun of your favorite show; fright nights have more than one purpose throughout October. Go through various sources because the entertainment industry has expanded beyond your imagination. This is the time you can make a quirky statement with a cunning outfit!