Open up your patio space with wholesale patio furniture and other great ideas!


Having a small patio doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely outdoor space. Making the most of your limited space will allow you to have a spot where you will always want to relax and enjoy the weather. Here are a few small patio decorating ideas to open up your room and give you the outdoor space of your dreams.

Use the Folding & Collapsible Furniture on your small patio to save your space.

Furniture can make the patio feel more homey, but it can also take up a lot of room in the outdoor area. If you want a comfortable sitting area in your backyard but don’t want to take up all of your patio space, opt for folding furniture.

Folding chairs and tables, folding bins and other folding furniture is a perfect option for your patio. And these are accessible at wholesale rates these days. You can put these wholesale patio furniture away when you don’t need it, and you can take it out when you’ve got guests over.

You may also have an outdoor parasol stand to add anything special to the deck. They can also be collapsed and stored until they are needed.

Add mirrors to your backyard to create the illusion of open space

Who said the mirrors are to be used indoors only? If you want to think outside the box and get a bit more creative  with your outdoor décor, consider adding a decorative mirror to your patio.

Hang a decorative mirror on the wall of your house or put a standing mirror on your backyard. Mirrors may make the space feel more open than they are because they offer the illusion that there is more room. Mirrors also bounce light, which helps to simulate sunlight and outdoor lighting.

Mirrors work well in the patios that are enclosed. Make sure you know the conditions in your place so that you can keep your decorative mirror in good shape.

Maximize your room by splitting it into parts

Just because your patio is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t divide it into different parts and areas. Creating separate areas would make your space feel more spacious and encourage you to use your space sparingly. You may divide areas by using an outside curtain, a small fence, or a plant. Build a seating area with comfortable chairs, a small table area and an outdoor gas fire pit.

Make sure you use your room wisely when building your various areas and pages. Only include things that are absolutely important in your room.

Decorate your patio with bright colours and patterns to open up your space.

Decorative decorations are a big part of making the patio feel warm and light. Using bold colours in your patio decoration is a perfect way to make your room feel more spacious. You can add colours with the aid of outdoor cushions and pillows, live plants and flowers, beautiful courtyard sculptures and tabletop decorations. Create a paint scheme to make your patio flow aesthetically pleasing.

Play around with various shapes, but be sure you ‘re not going overboard. Using too many different patterns will potentially make the room feel smaller and more cluttered, so decorate it sparingly.

Be imaginative with your patio seat to make the best use of your space.

You don’t even need to use chairs and tables to have a high-quality seating area on your patio. Think beyond the box, do something new! A small hammock or a hanging chair will work well for your little patio. It’s just a tiny place, and it’s great if you’re normally the only person out on your patio.

You can also use a storage bench as your main patio seat. This is a great multi-purpose seating that will allow you to store all your outdoor necessities away and also give you a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

Are you looking for even more ideas to make the most of your outdoor space? Then get in touch with Shop4Patio and indulge in outdoor furniture and accessories.