Perfect Places to Travel Right in the U.S


Who doesn’t want to go on an exotic trip to a remote destination or a tropical area that is strolling in Europe? For many people, the problem is to find time and money to do it. Not only that, if you don’t have a passport yet, but you also need to make some plans. The worthy news is that you can discover destinations closer to home in the often-overlooked US territory of the United States.

Whether you are planning for a family trip, solo trip, or a trip with friends? You can have the best travel experience at a more affordable and convenient price? Just choose the America’s best places and visit there. Enjoy the travel experience with low fares by booking flight tickets by visiting the caribbean airlines official site with exclusive holiday offers and all jet services, nonstop flights, and premier travel partners.

Big Sur, California

If you list the Italian Riviera Riviera as your shopping list, please experience the excitement of the beautiful Mediterranean region before visiting the beautiful California coast. Here, the mountains of Saint Lucia rise along the magnificent coastline, and picturesque seashores and even occasional waterfalls fall into the sand.

This grand Mediterranean grace on the California coast is known as the “American Riviera” and is unique of the best spectacular destinations in the United States. Drive along a scenic section of a highway in San Francisco to understand why the area has inspired and attracted many writers, artists and poets with its fantastic beauty.

Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Although the Aleutian Islands are not suitable for those seeking sun and beaches, they are ideal for exploring nature in one of Alaska’s most remote areas. Here, wild animals thrive in bad weather, rough seas, and active volcanoes. It is difficult to find a place farther away than this. Although there are some colonies on some larger islands, you will see more animals than people.

For wildlife observers, the Aleutian dog can be a once in a life, being able to see rare creatures in a spectacular natural environment. Bird watchers from all over the world add unique species to the “life list”. The naval creatures that living in the surrounding waters are gray, mink, humpback, killer, and sperm whales.

Puerto Culebra

If Fiji is your ultimate vacation idea, but you can’t venture that far, then Culebra is an ideal tropical destination closer to the mainland on American soil, with beaches comparable to those in the South Pacific.

Less than 20 miles from Puerto Rico’s main island, Culebra is still rarely found due to the lack of large hotels, shops, and restaurant chains. You won’t find much nightlife, but on this 11-kilometer island, you may see leatherback turtles and giant Anole Culebra.

You will also have the opportunity to see bioluminescent creatures that illuminate some coastal waters after dark. Culebra has a non-commercial culture and is uniquely exotic. Its original shops and independent restaurants offer fresh local cuisine.

Colorado Great Sand Dunes National Park

In the United States, the strangest hike is probably the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Reminiscent of the Gobi or Sahara Desert, it is located between Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountains.

These unique terrains are the highest dunes in the country, with an elevation of over 700 feet. Ascenters will get almost unlimited panoramic views of the dunes. The highest sandbox in the USA also offers the opportunity to try sandboarding and sledding. Due to its high altitude and often clear skies, it is also an excellent stargazing location.

Denali National Park, Alaska

If you dream of climbing in the Himalayas, please holiday at Denali National Park. It is the utmost peak in North America, with an elevation of 20,310 feet. It is 10,000 feet shorter than Everest, so it is a good place to test your skills.

If you do not meet this challenge, you can take many hiking trips and enjoy mountain views from a distance, including the Horseshoe Lake Trail, which winds 1.5 miles through the fir and aspen forest to reach the beautiful Horseshoe Lake. Although climbing is a popular activity, flying is another good option, or you can enjoy the scenery from various angles.

When you are here, beware of wildlife, including big five, grizzly bears, wolves, moose, caribou and dor sheep, and watch mink, beaver, and fox.

Key West, Florida Keys

Stretching 125 miles north from Biscayne National Park all the way to Key West, this suspended chain of islands is off the south coast of Florida, exploring the Caribbean without leaving The best place in the American continent.

The atmosphere of the Caribbean makes Kikes Island more international than returning to the mainland. The main streets are lined with colorful buildings, such as Key West, where nightlife and cocktails, beach shopping, art galleries, snorkeling, sailing and kayaking await you. When you need a cultural moment, you can visit Ernest Hemingway’s old house. Of course, you will also find many garden-fresh and delightful seafood.

New Mexico’s Santa Fe

This is the eldest state capital in the USA, so it has a very exciting history, including the historic main square, which makes you feel like you are in a completely different country. It is famous for its unique attractions, numerous art galleries, extraordinary museums and magnificent buildings.

The city of Adobe is also known for its excellent quality. In fact, many people come only because of the healing power of the area. Not surprisingly, Santa Fe has been a paradise for artists including Georgia O’Keefe for decades. Living in the historical center of La Fonda, you can stroll through the Plaza to discover handmade jewelry and explore fine art. You would also love to read best places for couples.

St. Augustine, Florida

This Florida city is only 30 minutes away from Jacksonville, but the urban landscape from Florida’s largest metropolitan area seems to be only a million miles away. Full of old-world atmosphere and historical buildings, you seem to have entered Spain.

After the explorer Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés landed on the coast and was named to commemorate Saint Augustine of Rome, the Spaniards established the oldest, continuously inhabited European colony in North America in 1565.

There are still many historical buildings that can be visited today, such as the San Marcos Castle built-in 1672, the historic city gate, and Constitution Square. You can even walk down the steps of Avilés, where he landed near the archaeological park of Fuente de la Juventud, north of Castillo de San Marcos. During the holidays, the building is illuminated by more than 1 million lights, and you will feel that you are in a foreign country, far away.

Joshua Tree Park, California

Toward the inside Joshua Tree National Park, you will not only feel that you are in another country, but also that you are walking on another planet. The landscape is full of peculiarly shaped plants native to the area, such as Joshua Trees, and huge rocks rising hundreds of meters in the sky, which look like scenes in science fiction movies.

Joshua National Park is a dream for photographers, hikers, and climbers, and Joshua Tree Town has a unique charm and can be used as an artist’s settlement. It combines nature lovers, artists and hipsters, and many others. Highly rated restaurant.