Popular fashion designers who promote jewellery in London

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Jewellery designing is a wonderfully artistic job, but just that isn’t enough. If the business has to flourish, its promotion needs to be bang on as well. Fashion and jewellery designers in London have found the trick to promote their and others’ jewellery collections over time. These women are ruling over social media to promote their pieces are reaching out to people all over the world.

  1. Rosie Sanders

Rosie Sanders is a well-known name in the fashion industry. Her jewellery designs are cutting edge and enhance the feminine side. Her style is known as neo-classical which means that she uses an interesting mix of the classical style of jewellery designing while giving it a subtle modern touch. Her latest collection is known as Nautilus II, which includes hand-crafted, bold and meaningful motifs that are characteristic of the contemporary style she uses. The jewellery is made up of gold, silver, precious stones and hardwoods.

  1. Sara Gunn

Sara Gunn is more than just a name. She is a brand in herself. Her speciality is jewellery made from not just metal but leathers as well. Sara believes that jewellery should represent the individual wearing it. This belief led her to create interesting and unique designs that enhance not just bodies but personalities. Her recent collection known as The Skin Collection is inspires by ‘flawsome’ (flawed, yet awesome) imperfections of the human body. The rare mix of metal and leathers gives a different texture and appearance to this unique set of jewellery and is making quite a statement globally.

  1. Daniella Draper

Daniella Draper is the other name for versatility. Be it any occasion, she’s got a collection for all. Mother’s day, women’s day. Romantic surprises, and even men’s day; Daniella Draper has managed to cover all important events and be ready with a fascinating and eye-catching jewellery collection that adds to the beauty of each occasion individually. Her famous pieces include necklaces with a mix of gold and silver, different sized ear hoops, single studded one piece finger rings and trendy, masculine bracelets for men. She uses lab grown diamonds uk for a lot of her pieces.

  1. Connie Nam

Connie Nam started off very small; right from her own apartment. She began a brand called Astrid and Miyu. In the beginning she used steel and brass for experimenting so the costs could be low. Soon the business skyrocketed and she became one of the popular names in jewellery designing not just in London but also in the United States of America. The speciality of Astrid and Miyu is that they create stackable pieces which can be joined and dismantled so you can own multiple jewellery pieces at the price of one and try out new styles with the same ones daily.

  1. Ruth Bewesy

Ruth Bewesy is a native British who began her brand called Daisy London in the year 2009. The business has only been growing since then and Ruth moves forward to design breath-taking jewellery pieces every year. Her collections have made frequent appearances in exhibitions and jewellery events all over the world. Her signature style includes chunky necklaces and signet finger rings along with tangles ear loops which have been trending all over social media.

Social media has a great influence on us and these designers are making the most of it. You can check out their Instagram handles for more details on their jewellery designs, especially their lab grown diamond engagement rings.