Buying Used Cell Phones

Surprising Benefits of Buying Used Cell Phones


In this era of smartphones, everyone wants to own the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. In both situations – planning to buy your first cell phone in life or upgrading the old one, a common question arises “Is it better to buy a used cell phone?”

It does not matter even if you purchase a very expensive cell phone upgraded with the latest technology, it fails to keep up with your rhythm in a few years. With gradual usage of the cell phone, various problems may arise – screen hanging, memory crashing, specific buttons may stop working. This is why some people opt to buy second-hand cell phones.

Shall I Buy a Used Cell Phone?

The latest cell phones launched in the market like the Google Pixel series, iPhone series, or Samsung cell phones might have various new and appealing features, however, they can be much expensive. On the contrary, a second-hand cell phone provides like-new phones at a much-reduced price. Hence, purchasing a used cell phone has been proven to be an economical act.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of buying a used cell phone.

Key Advantages

  1. Affordable Purchase

With an increase in the demand for the latest high-tech mobile phones, there is also a remarkable boom in the second-hand cell phone market. It is a known fact that when a new Apple or Samsung cell phone is launched in the market, the prices of the previous version cell phone get cheaper. Also, it is true that there are no major differences between the previous and the new version. This is why it is a smart decision to buy used phone. You can save money and make an affordable purchase of a cell phone with desirable features.

  1. Psychological Satisfaction

Deciding to buy a used cell phone does not mean purchasing a damaged phone. In some cases, it has been observed that a used cell phone looks like a brand new phone. This is because, manufacturers refurbish cell phones, inspect them more closely, and make them appear like never been used before. Buying a second-hand Apple or Samsung cell phone can prove to be a cost-effective purchase and also give psychological satisfaction to the user. To avoid big investments, you can buy a used cell phone and have an experience of using an expensive phone.

  1. Recycle Resources

Purchasing second-hand cell phones can help us in preserving our environment. Buying a brand new phone means just discarding the old phone, no matter even if it is in perfectly good condition. Dumping used cell phones into the garbage, sea, or oceans can cause potentially harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, keeping a cell phone in circulation allows the recycling of resources which in turn protects the environment.

Amazing Tips to Remember When Buying a Used Cell Phone

Before buying a used cell phone, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Know the different types of used phones – Used cell phones, pre-owned cell phones, and refurbished phones. Buying used cell phones can be risky as it is directly sold by private sellers. However, pre-owned and refurbished devices come with a warranty.
  • List down what you want – Make a list of all the features you would want in your cell phone. Also, check the battery functioning of the phone before purchasing it.
  • Have a check on the accessories with the phone – Get to know all the essential accessories provided with the second-hand cell phone like charger, screen guard, brand box, etc.
  • Check IMEI number – Make sure to check the ESN/IMEI to be assured that it is not a blacklisted or stolen device. Also, add your SIM card and check if everything works fine with the device before paying any penny for it.
  • Try to Buy a Used Cell Phone Online – You will find various electronic resellers or refurbishing stores online that are genuine and reliable.


While buying a brand new phone allows you to use the latest features and versions in the market, it is equally beneficial to explore the second-hand devices market for buying options. It is not necessary that you will only get older models or damaged phones in the second-hand market. Luckily, you can get the latest generation mobile phones only a few months old and in like-new conditions, that too at a much-reduced price.