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Swaddlers vs cruisers: A quick comparison


Wetting beds, clothes, and even parents are the most common thing babies do. But innovators have come with Swaddlers and cruisers to help parents with this problem. But they always get confused with which one to buy. 

So here are Swaddlers vs cruisers comparisons to help you out.

Swaddlers vs Cruisers

  • Features of Swaddlers

Swaddlers are diapers made especially for newborn babies who have less or no mobility at all.

  • Affordable: Swaddlers are affordable if you are using them on an average basis but if you are using them day and night then it may cost more to your pocket.
  • Size: Size of Swaddlers go from size 3 to 7 which covers the baby of weight 16 t0 41 pounds
  • Newborn notch: Swaddlers have a small dip in the front called a newborn notch that accommodates the baby’s umbilical stump. This feature does not irritate the baby’s cord stump and will not irritate his cord stump leading to no discomfort.
  • Wet stripe: Wet stripe is the unique feature that you will find in Swaddlers. Newborn babies do not urinate a lot due to which diaper does not become heavy and it becomes difficult to check whether the baby is dry or not.

Wet Stripe is the line that changes to blue when the baby is wet. It is also helpful in saving the babies from rashes.

  • Channels of wetness and air: This feature does not allow the concentration of wetness at one place; it distributes the wetness evenly and keeps the baby comfortable especially during the night.
  • Ultra softness: If you are using anything for your baby softness of the material is very important. Swaddlers are very soft and do not cause any kind of scratching around the belly and thighs.
  • Features of cruisers

Cruisers are disposable diapers made especially for moving babies for more freedom and flexibility.

  • 3-way fit: As cruisers are made for mobile children so it needs leak protection because when the baby starts moving, a crawling gap in the thighs leads to unnecessary leakage. A 3-way fit does not allow any leakage from any side.
  • Stretchy and soft sides: As babies do not sit in one place and they keep on moving so they need a diaper that can bear this movement. Cruisers come with super stretchy sides that do not cause sagging and soft enough that do not make rashes on legs and waist.
  • Affordability: When it comes to price cruisers are more affordable than Swaddlers. The plus point is that when the baby grows there is less use of diapers that saves your money from investing in diapers.
  • Absorbing quality: Cruisers come with a unique feature that they convert the urine into gel form so that it does not come out while the baby is doing the movement or playing. Plus the snug fit does not allow the gel from getting leaked. 
  • Sizes: As cruisers are made for children above infant age so they come in a variety of sizes. The minimum size of a cruiser is 7 and goes up to a higher range. The minimum weight that a cruiser can bear is 16 pounds.

 Swaddlers and cruisers are both used for babies differences are about their design to fit and leakage protection. Swaddlers work great for babies who do not move or crawl while cruisers are for the naughty infants who move here and there and need more flexible diapers.

Swaddlers are most commonly found in hospitals where deliveries are done and cruisers are most commonly found in markets as it covers a wide range of children and comes in various sizes.

As soon as your child starts moving or crawling shift from Swaddlers to cruisers. Also visit trymypriceonline.com to know more about mom & baby care. Hope this Swaddlers vs cruisers article is helpful for you.