Tablets Vs. Chromebooks : A Detailed Comparison


Chromebooks have the recognizable clamshell plan of a laptop. These gadgets accompany a lower sticker price since they are intended for word preparing and getting to the web. They are like netbooks. In any case, instead of running a downsized rendition of Windows, they run the Google Chrome OS. Chromebooks can’t run most Windows and Mac programs, yet you can introduce and run Linux on a Chromebook.

Tablets made by Apple run on the iOS working framework. Different tablets run on some form of Android, which is another Google property. Amazon Fire tablets utilize an altered form of Android called Fire OS. Tablets are ideal for gaming, taking pictures, and watching recordings in a hurry.

Size & Weight

Since Chromebooks are basically workstations, they have a similar size and state of an exemplary convenient PC. This puts them around 2.5 to 3 pounds with measurements of 11 to 12 inches wide, 7.5 to 8 inches down, and around .75 inches thick.

Indeed, even the iPad Pro 12.9-inch is more slender and lighter than the normal Chromebook. What’s more, there are littler 7-inch tablets (estimated corner to corner) that are half as thick and cost half as much as a Chromebook. Even the budget $300 tablets are simpler to convey, however they are likewise simpler to break or lose.


In spite of the fact that they are bigger than tablets, Chromebook shows are frequently substandard. Chromebooks ordinarily include a 11-inch or bigger presentation with a standard 1366 x 768 goal. The Google Pixelbook is an exemption, yet it costs around multiple times what most Chromebooks do.

Tablet goals rely upon the cost and size of the tablet. Most littler tablets highlight shows that are under 1080p. Most exceptional tablets offer higher goal shows. Tablets will in general utilize better IPS boards that offer prevalent survey points and shading than Chromebook screens.

Battery Life

Both Chromebooks and tablets are intended to be effective. Both offer enough execution to manage essential registering undertakings on little batteries.

Despite the fact that Chromebooks are bigger than tablets, the best Chromebooks will in general finish out at around eight hours in video playback testing. Most models offer less as these have littler batteries to minimize expenses. Most little tablets can run for eight hours in a similar video playback test. Tablets like the Lenovo Yoga 10 can last as long as 12 hours.


Some Chromebooks include touchscreens. Be that as it may, the essential methods for contribution for a Chromebook is an underlying console and trackpad like a customary PC. Tablets are planned in view of just a touchscreen. This makes tablets simple to use for perusing the web and playing contact based games.

The greatest drawback to tablets is that composing is tricky. This is on the grounds that the virtual consoles are moderate and take up the vast majority of the screen. Each tablet has Bluetooth capacities that permit you to join a remote console, yet that adds to the general expense, and the littler screens aren’t intended for word preparing.

Storage Capacity

Both Chromebooks and tablets have comparable plans for inward capacity. Both depend on little strong state drives that offer quick exhibition yet restricted space for information. Ordinarily, this is around 16 GB for Chromebooks (with two or three 32 GB models). Tablets go from 8 GB to 16 GB for the spending models, and up to 128 GB or more in case you’re willing to address a significant expense.

Chromebooks consequently store your documents to Google Drive, a distributed storage framework. Thusly, your records can be gotten to from anyplace. Most tablets offer some cloud-based capacity alternatives, yet it is exceptionally reliant upon the tablet brand, working framework, and what administrations you buy in to.

Chromebooks make it helpful to extend your nearby stockpiling. All Chromebooks highlight USB ports that can be utilized with outside drives for fast and simple extension. A few models likewise include SD card spaces for streak memory cards. A considerable lot of the greatest tablets available do not have these highlights, albeit a few models do accompany microSD spaces.


The kinds of equipment found in Chromebooks and tablets can shift drastically. For example, the Samsung Series 3 was the first Chromebook that utilized a similar ARM-based processor found in numerous tablets. On the other hand, there are a few tablets, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, that utilization an Intel Atom processor recently utilized in low-fueled workstations.

By and large, the two stages are generally equivalent as far as crude calculating capacity. It comes down to contrasting explicit models. The two stages give adequate execution to essential processing errands. All things considered, neither can contend with customary workstations.


Chrome OS and Android are both made by Google. Notwithstanding, the two working frameworks were made for various purposes. Chrome OS is basically worked around the Chrome program and Google Drive applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets. Android, then again, is a versatile working framework that has applications constructed explicitly for tablets. While Chromebooks can run some Android applications, these projects will in general slack when running on Chrome OS.

Apple tablets just run applications made for iOS. Amazon Fire tablets are limited to applications from the Amazon store as a matter of course. It is conceivable to root a Kindle Fire and introduce applications from the Google Play Store. Indeed, even with the constraints of Android and iOS, tablets uphold a bigger assortment of projects than Chromebooks.


Estimating among Chromebooks and tablets is serious. At the passage level, tablets will in general be more moderate. Numerous Android tablets are accessible for under $100. Most Chromebooks are nearer to $200. In any case, the very good quality Apple tablets can cost twice that much. The contrast between a costly tablet and a modest one typically mirrors the nature of the screen, while most Chromebooks are pretty much the equivalent.

Last Thoughts

In the event that you need a modest school laptop for composing papers and directing examination on the web, a Chromebook could be what you need. On the off chance that you need a gadget for watching motion pictures, playing versatile games, and tuning in to music, at that point a tablet is a superior venture. On the off chance that you need to play greatly multiplayer web based games, at that point set aside up your cash for a gaming laptop.