Take a Small Step in Saving the Environment by Giving Nature-friendly Gifts This Diwali !!

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As Diwali is one of India’s most significant and adored celebrations, it celebrated on an amazing scale with fantastic fireworks, shows, and Diwali gift hampers. While this raucous festival is extremely lovely and profoundly charming, sometimes pollution is high. Nowadays, people have forgotten a genuine way to celebrate Diwali and have replaced it with their thoughts and likes. As Diwali consistently falls on a moonless night, people in the past used to light earthen lamps to diminish the darkness. But now people preferring firecrackers and use excessive electric lights, which has made Diwali festivities risky to nature and all living creatures’ well-being and life.

Crackers are made of destructive substances and spread harmful gases causing various harmful issues, such as air contamination, noise pollution, and soil pollution. Also, excessive electricity usage cause power cuts. All these factors a genuine risk to environmental balance. Also, various diseases in people like hypertension, hearing misfortune, dozing aggravations, cerebral pain, asthma, skin hypersensitivities, and respiratory issues become regular during Diwali. Even animals like dogs and cats feel hurt and irritated due to the sound produce by crackers.

It is the sole responsibility of all of us to do our part in saving our environment. After all, it is our Earth, and we are dirtying, and we should bear the results. In the first place, we should say ‘No’ to crackers. But if you are unable, then you can try eco-friendly ones because they spread less smoke. Next, rather on using electric lights to illuminate your homes, you should adhere to the custom earthen lamps. For a more premium impression, candles can use as well. Additionally, we should try to diminish the use of plastic Diwali for endowments. All human-made things need raw material given by Mother Nature, helping decrease the non-degradable waste.

So this Diwali tries to give just eco-friendly presents, which are both delightful and beneficial. Let us search a couple of more ideas:

Recycled Paper Cards-Giving recycled paper cards to your near, and dear ones is a wonderful way of wishing Diwali as they are both environmentally friendly and beautiful to look at. With a wide range of such cards available in the market, you are sure to choose the ones you like. Also, if you wish to be creative, you can buy recycled paper sheets from the market and make your own Diwali cards.

Recycled Products and Home Decor Accessories for the Green-Loving Homeowner-

There are also great eco-friendly Diwali gift items ideas for the home. Some of the most popular items include soy candles, bonsai plants, handcrafted wall hangings, throw pillows, linens, duvet covers, and bedspreads. These eco-friendly products are great to give away to friends, family, and acquaintances for house blessings.

Paper Mache Decor Items – Paper Mache decor items are probably one of the best gifts you could get for your family and friends. Any and every kind of decor item can make with Paper Mache ranging from statues, wall hangings, photo frames, flower vases, wind chimes, showpieces, and so many others. Just like making your recycled paper cards, you can make your Paper Mache gifts. All you need are old newspapers and an adhesive, mostly flour and water paste. It is messy and takes hours to dry, but the result is worth it. However, to save on time, you could always get readymade gifts from the market as nowadays, many shops have started selling such products.

Jute Products – Jute is one of the most eco-friendly fibers in the world as it is completely biodegradable and does not need pesticides or fertilizers to grow. It is also one of the most affordable crops to grow and is second only to cotton in the number of uses it has. Hence, a variety of products made from jute are available in the market for environmentally friendly people. Giving such products as Diwali special gifts is a great idea. Some of the most common gifting items made from jute are bags, wall hangings, pen stands, diaries, file folders, etc. Check them out today!

Small Plants – Everyone knows how important plants and trees are for our survival. Our whole life depends on them as they provide us with the air that we breathe – oxygen. While we obviously can’t gift trees, we can always gift small plants to our loved ones. Get a beautiful plant planted in an attractive pot, and your gift is ready. This would surely be the ideal way to celebrate a Green Diwali.

Reed Diffusers – Reed Diffusers are among the most beautiful and wonderful eco-friendly products available to us today. They make use of powerfully fragrant essential oils, which are nature’s gift to humanity. Essential Oils are 100% natural plant extracts and help cure several ailments like depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, respiratory disorders, etc. Also, reed diffusers are completely smokeless, making them all the more environmentally friendly.

So what do you think? Want to do something for your community? Now it is your opportunity. Could you make use of it? Say no to crackers, avoid over-consumption of electricity, give eco-friendly presents to your dear ones, and celebrate a Green Diwali!!