The Advantages & Disadvantages of Parental Controls


Everyone wants to surf the internet without any restrictions, as it helps people to explore the trending news around the world. If we talk about the teens,  they want privacy. But we know that the internet is not safe for our children. We know how much inappropriate content is available on the internet which can harm the kid’s mental health and ruin their behavior.

Despite the vulgarity, cyberbullying is also a solid reason which makes the parents to monitor their kid’s online activities. It is possible with the parental control apps. By installing the apps in the kid’s device, parents can safeguard the juveniles from the internet dangers and online molestation. We have seen many cases in which tracking kid’s device weakens the relationship between the parents and the children. As kids start to think that their parents do not trust them.

But, don’t worry!

There is also a solution which is non-intrusive spying apps, helping people to spy on the target device without letting the user know.

We will also discuss the solution to build a strong relationship with the kids, but first, we should focus on the pros and cons of the parental controls.


1.Track the location:

Installing the parental control software on the kid’s phone enables the parents to reach their child’s location anytime. Some of the advanced software allows us to trace the location through the end-user smartphone means you do not need to get a desktop control panel to track the location.

2.Block the inappropriate content access:

Teens seem excited about the internet world, even they spend most of their time on internet surfing. There is a 100% chance that they can watch inappropriate content. Improper pop-ups ads can make your kids to use drugs or alcohol. If you enable the parental controls, then you can easily block the access of such content and websites that can ruin your kid’s mental health.

3.Beware of online predators:

It might be possible that someone is trying to capture your kid’s attention and lead them in the wrong direction. Do not worry because using the parental spy apps can help you find the bad apples in the contact list. The end-user can also read the text messages and IMs to know who is in contact with your kid and what they are talking about.

4.Monitor social media activities:

Social media is a huge platform, a source to get the information and make new friends. But if we talk about cyberbullying, then it happens also on social media platforms. Some bad people always look for the teens to prey on them, develop the friendship which causes some serious incidents. Now, parents can use the parental control app to monitor the social media activities without shaking the kid’s confidence.


  1. Cost:

Buying a parental control software may not meet the people budget. Many websites provide the high costs of parental control solutions to provide advanced features.

  1. Shake the kid’s confidence:

Children do not want to be monitored by their parents because they want their privacy. If the kids know that they are being spied or monitored, then it might weaken their trust with their parents.

  1. Never underestimate the kid’s ability:

If you are using intrusive parental control software, then it might be possible that your kid can uninstall the app.

How do we build a strong connection with our children?

Using parental control app can weakens the relationship between parents and the kids. But parents should understand the kids and educate them about the internet dangers. It can eliminate the risks of losing the child’s trust. You can tell the kids why you are using the apps for monitoring.

We hope that these pros and cons can help you a lot to understand the value of using parental control software.