The Best Tips for caring for your wigs, weaves, locks


How to take care of wigs, quick weaves

Caring for a synthetic wig is not the same as for a natural wig. A natural wig, whether made from human hair or natural fibers of animal origin, requires the same care as your hair. It is necessary to do a gentle shampoo from time to time, moisturize, and especially style: styling or curling iron depending on the type of hairstyle. A synthetic wig is easier to maintain: you take it out of the packaging, give it a shake, and the hairstyle snaps into place. It is enough to put in a little moisturizing hair milk, and to wash with a diluted mild shampoo from time to time. You put to dry on the reverse.

On the one hand, therefore, the possibility of changing your hairstyle, but the maintenance that goes with it. On the other, a fixed hairstyle, but simplicity.  If you want to know more about wigs like u part wig then visit nadula. Because nadula offers the best hair wigs and tips for care of wigs.

How do I take care of my quick weave?

Well maintained your Quick Weave will accompany you durably. Brush before washing, to remove all dust.

The wig should be washed in a basin filled with cold water with the addition of mild shampoo, such as that used for a baby’s hair.

Pour the shampoo into the water, soak a sponge and gently clean the inside of the Quick Weave. Immerse the wig, shake it gently in the soapy water and rinse.

To help detangle and facilitate styling, use styling milk.

Wig, Quick Weave: Know everything!

The Quick Weave System is not a weave since you can take it off whenever you want to shampoo, condition your hair or sleep.

Rather, you can keep it as you see fit. It could be similar to a wig, except that the attachment system with combs at the front and at the back of the head is really different, more comfortable and better suited … all our customers have it. proclaim, to try it is to adopt it! It really respects the health of the hair and is a great way to keep your hair styled when your braids or weaves are undone and you want to stay stylish without weakening your scalp.

Diouda offers a selection of Quick Weaves wigs that adjust in 1 minute to the shape and size of your head. Wig in natural hair, or synthetic wig, choose according to your desires and change your style when the heart tells you!

Depending on the nature of your hair, you can opt for a half head or full head wig.

Choose from the different models of wigs according to the shade, style, length you want: curly or straight wig, wavy or curly wig, afro wig, short or long wig.

We also offer a selection of care for the maintenance of your wigs: shampoo, conditioner and wig brush. To find out more, we invite you to read our article: “How to maintain your blonde wigs?”

Lace wigs, the undetectable wig

Secret revealed! It’s the Lace Wigs that make celeb hairstyles so perfect. A new model in synthetic fiber that NO LONGER STICKS. The wig is handmade on a Swiss tulle cap. The hair is implanted one by one in the natural direction of growth for a perfectly natural look.


On Lace Front Wigs the hair is secured to a band of lace at the forehead, from ear to ear. Trim the excess lace from the front of the wig, leaving little or no material visible to the naked eye for a very natural effect.

At the back of the head, an adjustable strap allows the wig to be tightened and held in place. At the level of the forehead and the neck, clips (combs) are discreetly attached to the cap and securely fix the Lace Wig. The rest of the cup is made of a stretch monofilament.

Thanks to this new REVOLUTIONARY model, fix the wig in 5 minutes using the clips, adjust, you are ready!


  1. Trim the excess lace from the front of the wig, leaving little or no lace visible to the naked eye.
  2. Put on the wig and slide the combs down the hairline at the forehead and back of the neck.
  3. Tighten the wig using the adjustable straps, you’re ready to go!
  4. Remove the wig at night and let your hair rest.

How to choose the length of your locks?

The length of extensions, locks, weaves and other hairstyles is traditionally displayed in inches, an Anglo-Saxon unit of measurement, and not in centimeters.

1 inch represents 2.54 centimeters.

The length of the strands should be measured from the root to the longest point, stretching as needed if the strand is wavy or curly.

At equal length, a smooth hairstyle will therefore appear longer than a curly hairstyle because of the curls.

To obtain a gradient, you can mix strands of different lengths but close to maintain a natural effect (12/14 inches 18/20 inches …)

The image below allows you to visualize the rendering of smooth wicks according to their length.

Approximately a hairstyle with 12 inch locks will arrive at the shoulder; in 14-16 inches at the scapula; in 18-20 inches in the middle of the back; in 24-28 inches at the lower back.

If the strands are wavy the apparent length will be between 1 and 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) less, if the strands are curly or crimped the difference can be up to 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm) ).