The Fringes to Wear This Fall Winter

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On the catwalks of the autumn winter 2020 , the fringes fluctuate to the elegant step of the models. Givenchy uses them as angel hair; a cascade of shiny silver metal for a never-gray winter, Valentino declines them in the color of lilac flowers in layers from shoulders to ankles.

The season is just around the corner and there are no doubts among the trendsetters: the fringes are the main features of the winter garments. Just browse the best online stores in order to shop online

Future or past! The fascinating adventure of the fringes

  • I associate the fringes with the cowboys and yet they are born in the distant 3000 BC in the East where the frayed leather skirt was part of the most primitive clothing of the Sumerians.
  • They peek out overseas among the American Indians who used them in layers to protect themselves from the cold. Subsequently, the fringes soon emancipate from the practical function and become a habit.
  • But it is with the roaring 20s to the fringes express their best side, becoming decoration for dresses Charles ton and finally putting foot in the glitzy world of fashion with the rhythm swing.
  • It was then the turn of the Elvis Presley Texas jackets to determine the link between the fringes with the country up to a real boom starting from the 60s.
  • Since then we have seen them come back into fashion with the seventy aesthetic, completing the look of hippies, rock stars and sophisticated images of the first Yves Saint Laurent.
  • And you, if we say fringes, what do you think? There are at least 6 right answers and yours will say a lot about how you are and above all how you will dress! Yes, because the fringes populate most of the designers’ proposals. Here are the trends in terms of fringes of autumn in winter 2020.

Indians and Cowboys

The first image that will come to your mind thinking of the fringes is the classic western style seen in many films and replicated many times over the years by the most famous designers in their collections. This winter will not miss a folk hippietouch that comes from the world of cowboys and American Indians, made of suede fringes and warm colors.

Rock Festival

The grunge rock style is back then ready to wear leather bikers possibly decorated with studs and fringes on the back or chest, fringed tassel bags and maxi boots. No matter if you are not leaving for a rock concert, you will be perfect even for a drink in the city.

You Rock!

Glam party

In materials such as silk, viscose lurex or other shiny and fluid fabrics, the fringes can transform the simplest top into a perfect 20s piece to combine with vertiginous heels and warm fur. Very suitable for a glamorous party and for a woman who never gives up the charm!

Sparkling effect guaranteed.

British winter

The cold is coming but it is not yet time to draw coats? Do not worry: capes, shawls and blazers reminiscent of the classic wool and cashmere check plaid with lots of final fringes will warm you up at the first chill. For a soft woman, inside and out!

Killing me softly!


The fringes are also typical of handicraft items and accessories, braided, worked with irons or loom. From ethnic craftsmanship to luxury craftsmanship, handmade never goes out of fashion and this season becomes the perfect alibi for renovating your wardrobe. For a woman who loves the future, but with a romantic touch.


Have you ever cut the edges of a t-shirt or the bottom of jeans when you were a teenager? Now you will not need it because the brands offer them already torn, frayed, shredded and ready for use.  Sweaters with long fringes, multi-layered mini-dress with colored fringes, denim pants with fringes at the bottom and so on and so forth. Just a cap and a fringed top to feel immediately in a hip hop video.

From the East through the American Indians to the western or from the Charleston to the hippies of the 70s, you decide in which era to live in the coming months!