The Most Popular Color Combinations for Commercial Signs


One of the most common mistakes made by business owners is when they think that colors are not that important to signage. They give content priority over the color combination in signage. Well, as it turns out, colors are an essential advertising tool when it comes to signs.

Colors influence and improve the legibility of the content on the sign at a distance. It not only makes it easy for people to read your sign but also improves visibility and broader reach. However, colors can be more complicated than they seem. Color concept of signage involves a lot of choices, and the decision is critical to the brand image.

What is the Best Color for Commercial Signs?

The answer to this question depends upon a lot of variables like brand identity, attention-grabbing, product design etc. When it comes to choosing the best color, you need to strike a balance between these variables.

Over 60% of the consumers say that the first thing they notice about a new business is its outdoor signage and product design, so make sure to consult an outdoor signage Dubai based company for the best signage solution.

Each color has a different meaning. Here are some of the primary color options and their effect on signage designs:

  1. Red: Red offers a wide range of flexibility as it encourages feelings of aggression, passion, excitement, and energy. It is mostly used in restaurants, to make consumers make impulsive and feel hungrier.
  2. Yellow: Yellow is associated with optimism and sunshine. It is, however, fatiguing to the eyes is looked at for long, so make sure to use it in contrast like McDonald’s.
  3. White: White color gives a feel of minimalism and cleanliness. This color gives your signage a polished look; however, it can come off as clinical, or not very inviting.
  4. Black: Black signs seem sleeker and powerful. It gives off a sophisticated feel, but you must complement it with other colors like Gold or Silver for a luxury appeal and avoid making the sign drab.
  5. Blue: Color blue is very versatile because of its various shades. It is a popular choice for businesses as it has a calming effect and is enjoyable to look at.
  6. Green: Green is typically associated with freshness, nature, and being eco-friendly. Food chains like Starbucks mostly use it to display their brand in light of being environmentally friendly.
  7. Orange: Orange is very similar to yellow in terms of fun and emotions. However, it can come off as too aggressive so use it in contrast.

Why Color Combination is Important for Business Signs?

You must be thinking, why color choice is so important for signage? The right color combination can help you accomplish different goals and improve the effectiveness of your signage solution. It also helps in the following ways:

  • Improve Visibility: Certain colors with different wavelengths draw attention more than the others. For example, if you have a red sign next to a white one, the red sign will definitely grab more attention because it stands out from the background. That is why most brands use the color red to display discounts on signboards.
  • Increase legibility: Color combinations are important for contrast, which increases the legibility of your sign. Imagine purple text on a navy-blue background – it would not be harder to read but impossible. Therefore, color contrasting is essential for the legibility of your text, e.g., black on white.
  • Boost marketing: Most businesses have signature colors and a color scheme, e.g., Starbucks has a color scheme of green, black, and white, and they use this scheme throughout their marketing and branding. Therefore, a consistent color palette can help with brand recognition and awareness.
  • Enhance design elements: Just like contrasting and legibility, color combinations can help improve design features on signs. Some colors can calm people down or make them feel hungry.


Color contrast is essential when it comes to determining how colors look on the signage and legibility of the content. Some colors are easier to read when paired with contrasting colors and vice versa. Color contrasting is crucial for determining the readability and clarity of the content. Below are some of the common distances and text requirements for a sign with good visibility.

Readable Distance Letter Height
100’ 3’’
150’ 4’’
200’ 6’’
350’ 8’’
400’ 9’’

*Note that the above distances will vary with color combinations. Maximum color distance is red or black on white background i.e., 1 mile = 5,270 feet.

Get Color Assistance for Business Signage

Color combination essential when it comes to the effectiveness of a business sign. As you have read above the importance of finding the best colors for your business sign, therefore, you must question the needs of your brand and viewers. Get assistance from Outdoor Signage Dubai based companies for color contrast to make a sign that grabs immediate attention.

Signage colors play a vital role in making your business stand out in competitive advertising environments.