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Tips for Womens Powerlifting Singlet

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Womens powerlifting singlet helps judges to see your performance in a clear way. When you lift, women lifting singlet give comfort and flexibility, but they also avoid the tearing that can result from pushing big weights against your body. 

Do you know the type of singlet you’re looking for?

All singlets are highly form-fitting, but they have various levels of tightness. There are many lifters who have their preference for a small amount of compression. When deciding which sort of singlet would fit best for you, there are a few things to bear in mind.

A women lifting singlet should have enough or at least a good amount of compression during the entire lift that still provides freedom of movement. However, it is important to consider that most of the competitions go for a day, therefore choose a singlet that you can wear all day and stay comfortable in it. It is suggested to make note of the combination of materials for potential purchases when you find a singlet that you love.

You may see the below mentioned terms on singlets, we have decoded them for you to understand it in a pretty clear manner while you’re there shopping. 


 Usually, singlets are a combination of nylon, lycra, and spandex. Try looking for a singlet with a 4-way stretch, indicating that both vertically and horizontally the fabric will stretch. Not only does this ensure a more comfortable fit, but it prohibits “grinning.” Grinning refers to the fabric’s ability to become more noticeable when stretched, such as when the wrestler bends over.


There are numerous forms of stitching used in the construction of singlets. Flat-lock double stitching suggests that the material is sewn down to lay flat within the singlet where the seams are. They can irritate the skin underneath when the seams are not sewn down.

Leg Openings: 

When worn, the legs of a singlet tend to ride up, especially when competing. Within the bottom of the leg openings, some soles have leg grippers that hold the legs in place. 

Decoration Type – Some singlets in designs are hand sewn, while others are decorated with screen printing or decals for heat pressing. Sublimation is the option that is most stable and looks fine.

Tips for Taking Care of Lifting Singlet Womens

Wash Cold :

The enemy of the value lycra fabric used to create your singlets is heat in general. You’ve got to wash in cold or hot water, never hot. 

Using Gentle Detergent:

Use a mild detergent that is non-phosphorus. Harsh chemicals or phosphates may trigger colour bleeding.

Hang Dry: 

It is highly recommended to avoid hot dryers, remove the singlet from the washing machine as soon as possible and allow it to drip or hang dry. Also, they can leave rust marks so its better to choose a wooden or plastic one and skip metal hangers. 

Wash Alone:

Wrestlers are competing alone and they should wash their uniform that way. Other fabrics can damage the lycra fabric (especially those with Velcro or other fasteners) or may pass lint to the singlet. 

No Ironing:

I hope it goes without saying, but don’t even think about your singlet being ironed.

No Bleach:

 Do not use chlorine bleach – the bright colors sublimated into the fabric will harm the fabric and dull it.