Tips to Choose a Perfume For Men to Attract Women

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Do you know how to choose the best perfume for men? Men always expect to choose a perfume bottle with masculine and strong properties. So let us share with you the great tips for you to choose the best perfume for men accompanied by knowing what is a fake or real perfume for you to choose at the store or order on any online shop. Besides, you can also find the best perfumes for women that can be the best gift for your lover at any events.

Learn about Men’s Perfume

Men’s perfume is an important accessory that plays an essential role in daily life, making the person more confident, more attractive, and more manly in communication and to assert their individuality.

Men’s perfume is an integral part of your personal style that makes men attractive and confident, but you must be compelled to know how to use men’s fragrances appropriately, in accordance with the circumstances and nature. work environment.

Normally, depending on the concentration of natural essential oils, it is possible to divide perfume into the following main streams:

Perfume for Men Perfume (Extrait): The content of essential oils is from 20% to 40%, this is the most expensive and rarest perfume line because the concentration of essential oil is too high, which means that the fragrance is too strong and durable.

Eau de Perfume (Extrait):

Essential oil content of 12% – 20% of this perfume sample is basically for women with a high concentration of aromatic essential oil and persistent smell. This is also the main perfume Currently used with hot and humid climates as well as cold.

Eau de Toilette (EDT):

Containing 5% – 12% of essential oils. EDT is, in fact, the most popular perfume in the world today, with an affordable price and average scent quality. Besides, it’s also about the diversity of models, strains. This is a perfume model with a light, relentless odor, and is used for both men and women.

Eau de Cologne (EDC) or Eau de Fraiche:

Only 2-4% of gentle aroma essential oils, poor odor retention function suitable for the affordable segment.

Now you can understand why the price of men’s fragrances is different. Selecting perfume for men in volume also has many different sizes, usually 1.5ml -5ml – 7ml – 10ml – 15ml is some kind of mini size or also called sample test purpose for you to try it to see if it should is my favorite scent or not

For some patients who are a bit picky as well as careful, the mini size test is suitable for choosing men’s perfume for you as well as necessary to detect the smell of male perfume that suits your style or personality.

After using, try and like the smell you can consider buying the sizes Below 30ml-50ml- 100ml- 150ml – 200ml depending on your preference of the habit and financial function you choose to buy for fit. However, some shop advises that if you have a hobby of using many perfume samples or perfume collection, you are not required to buy 100ml or more samples, so you should buy 30ml or 50ml to change easily.

Stratification of Male Fragrances

The perfume has 3 aromas of the top, middle, and bottom notes. If you do not know what stratification is, the following will help you know exactly what scent you spray will range from long to too short. You must be familiar with this issue to be able to know how to choose men’s perfume appropriately and try it best for you.

Top note (also known as headnote)

Top notes are scents that pop out in seconds after spraying to make the first impression on users. Normally, there are slightly volatile smells like fruits, flowers, and grass.

Heart note

Heart note is like the heart of a perfume line. This note emits about 15 minutes after the first notes dissipate, creating a specific fragrance for the perfume as well as covering the too uncomfortable scent of the final note (however, it will become more comfortable over time). again), store the scent for an extremely long time, usually containing the scent of the perfume itself as a grass, spice.

Base note

It appears mixed with middle note when this note is almost finished. The final notes combined with the middle notes to become the main scent of perfume jars often bring a sense of calm and dense, store the fragrance quite long and strong, often not the smell of wood, musk, and resin.

So, when choosing a perfume for men, if you try some of you are forced to spend the night to know the middle and bottom notes of perfume. In addition, the location of each person will smell different, so the best way to test perfume is to spray it on your wrist.

The above is what we want to share with you about male perfume. It is great that if you can benefit from this article to conquer your own girl and do not forget to follow our following posts.