Top 5 best wireless headphones under 150 exteme technology


Looking for the best headphones under $150? This is a difficult task, but if you handle it correctly, it can also be fun. This price level is one of the most popular types that people choose in Internet searches. This happens for a reason-it is an acceptable value, and it opens the door to the world of many interesting things. However, when you have many choices, it is difficult to decide. Cheap speakers have limited functions and similar performance, but when you only increase the price, the available models with interesting features will increase greatly.

For example, for less than $150, you can buy two large Bluetooth headsets that also support ANC and NFC technology. The headset always has a microphone and a control panel on the headset, which makes it easier to use in various daily situations.

For this kind of money, you can also buy some high-quality headphones. In fact, this is what we want to point out in this article. We hope you will understand hearing aids for large sounds, which were previously only used for professionals and hearing aids.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Having two great ears and being deaf has always been the only way to effectively escape the world, but they no longer exist. With the help of WF-1000XM3 (9/10, wired recommended), Sony has reduced the radiation to the noise reduction technology we once liked to use inside its extensive WH-1000XM3. These wireless monitors have a battery life of 6 hours. In addition to the longest external monitor, their battery life is also very good. If you charge for 10 minutes, it will take an hour and a half. You can drink more juice when you forget to charge

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC is an amazing pair of Bluetooth headsets. It allows you to choose to use Bluetooth wireless or wireless cable with the assistant. The sound sounds very good, with a bottom, middle and top. When buying these headphones, Sennheiser created a program called CapTune. It allows you for a good one to accurately understand the sound you want. Although I really like the extended EQ sound without this program, Captune actually has a set of equipment that only suits everyone’s needs.

To activate the sound cancellation mode, you must hold down both volume keys at the same time. Although it is difficult to mobilize most of ANC’s headphones, it is really worth it. Noise can be good one on this list. After all, this is also one of the most expensive couples on the list. In terms of comfort, I gave 9 out of 10 points. We were not the most comfortable at first. After about 30 minutes, they relaxed and felt nothing. These are usually large earplugs, previously priced at $200, but now they are less than $150. I highly recommend them.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

Master & Dynamic’s MW07 Go (9/10, “Wired Recommended”) is simple, comfortable and adaptable, but they still look great, which is why they are now moving towards their fitness goals. Compared with most wireless models, they have an active sound field and more musical details. Each fault lasts for 10 hours; and they have an IPX6 rating, so you can safely delete them after traveling on the treadmill for two weeks.

In addition, I like the physical buttons on the surface, these buttons never become soft when adjusting during exercise, no different from touch controls.

Plantronics Pro 2

Plantronics Pro 2 used to be priced at $199, but it is now priced at $131 on Amazon as a pair of earplugs. Coming soon is a good carrying case, a small USB charger and 3.5 mm infrastructure cable. The battery life is about 24 hours, which is very good. However, the best wireless headphones under 150  wireless range is impressive, ranging from 70 to 100 feet. However, its quality is so good and very good. The response of the bus is close to my ears, and the height makes my eyes bright. In 10 sound quality, we will give you 9.

One of my favorite things about Plantronics Pro 2 is that it can be so good to playback when the ears are closed. I also like the multi-function button on the right earmuff because it allows you to log in to the virtual assistant and answer calls. The left earmuff also has various controls such as pause/play, skip song, previous song, volume and ANC replacement.

Active noise reduction is very good. In my experience, the noise reduction function is sufficient to block most conversations, office work, coffee shops. However, this is not enough for subways or busy trains. Overall, this is an amazing pair of earbud speakers that will not disappoint you.

V Moda Cross Fade M 80 Headphones

The V Moda Crossfade M-80 is probably the most rugged headset, and it is already on sale in all price ranges. According to the label, the headset is actually indestructible because it can survive more than 70 points from 6-foot-long and 10-fold bend ear folds. This feature makes it ideal for long-term running and even marathon competitions.

Good bus, excellent sound quality. The earphones enjoy a 2-year special warranty in the “Dead Life Plan”, so that buyers can get 50% of new earrings after every purchase.