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Top 5 Design Tips to Create a Stunning School Website


We’ve all been on bad websites. And the feeling we get on visiting those websites is not a feeling we want to stick with. So, we close them and run to some other site offering the same services.

But what makes a good website? Is it just the design or something else?

If you are running a school, it’s important that you build a good quality website to engage and inform the parents. Though for a school, your reputation matters most but building a high-quality website is similarly important. Imagine that a parent opens a school website and can’t find the contact details right away. That way, you are losing opportunities for new admissions.

So, creating your website in a proper manner is extremely important and here we will discuss how to do so. If you are looking for a reliable school website developer, you can always connect with us. But first, more on creating a stunning school website.

Design a Good Homepage

A good homepage is built such that users can head onto the next click without much scrolling. A good website homepage should have a great design but you’ll have to keep the usability factor in mind while creating it.

Hence, keep it simple. Do not cram your homepage with too much content. The best homepage design makes it easy to read and follow. The right homepage guides you quickly to relevant information.

You can also include news and calendar of events pages on your website. However, make sure it stays always updated. If visitors see outdated news, they won’t come back.

Another way to make your homepage useful is by including images. Sliders are a great way to engage parents and keep them updated on new, updated school events.

Make the Design Responsive

Today, the majority of searches are carried out on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Thus, it’s important that you create your school website to be responsive or mobile-friendly.

A responsive design means the website will automatically resize itself based on the type of device you are using. For a non-responsive design, however, users have to pinch and zoom again and again to gain access to information, which is not only time-consuming but frustrating as well.

Make the Website Meet Accessibility Requirements

While designing a school website make sure it meets the accessibility requirements and is ADA compliant. Meaning, the website must be accessible by any and everyone, even people with disabilities.

For example, you need to include a screen reader for people with disabled vision or a text to a video for people with disabled hearing.

Also, all the images should have descriptive ALT tags or long descriptions.

Well-organized Navigation

When designing your school website, one thing you need to focus on is its navigation. While designing the navigation make sure you follow the popular 7-link rule. Meaning you need to organize navigation and sub-navigation with 7 or fewer links. Studies show people are more likely to make a decision when the navigation links are 7 or fewer.

Streamline Your Popular Pages

By popular pages, we mean the pages that are most visited. This can include your school calendar, contact directory, school pages, teacher pages, etc.

Make sure these pages are readily accessible by anyone. For example, make it easy for anyone who wants the contact details of your school. Finding the contact details easily will mean that you have followed the correct structure for your website. Because, if they are buried deep in your school website, it’s frustrating for anyone who wants to contact you.

There’s obviously much more to designing a good school website. Here we have pointed five major design characteristics that you must follow when designing your school website. If you are looking for a trusted school website developer, you can always connect with us for the best designs at affordable prices.