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Top 5 Jobs You Can Hold After Online MBA in IT Management


Master of Business Administration is one of the best courses that students choose in large numbers. It offers various specializations to choose from. One of the trending topics these days is IT Management. The course prepares the students for many career prospects in the field of information technology and computer applications. The course specialization is also delivered in online mode. Students can easily pursue the same through an online learning platform of a particular university. You can compare your university on College Vidya compare portal. It offers top-class features in providing the best results as per the college/university rating, fee and other criteria. 

Students of IT Management courses want to know the best career scope in this field. You can check the same here through our listing.

Software Engineer Manager 

This position is one of the best preferred by students. If you are a working professional and want to switch jobs, then online learning in IT Management will help you. In this position, you need to work on various software and applications and look over various things like the development of the program. As a software engineer manager, you should have the knowledge related to various operations and programming skills to manage various projects in your department. 

The salary package of these professionals is also high. You need to manage various activities in this job role. 

Mobile Applications Developer

After completing the course of IT Management in online mode, you can easily hold the position of mobile app development. The job holder has the responsibility of developing mobile applications with application creation techniques. Apart from these things, developers should have creative and analytical thinking abilities to perform various operations. Programming skills are also needed to bring the projects to the next level. 

This position is one of the top levels in the IT industry that pays a very good salary. 

IT System Security Manager

This professional is used to prevent computer system issues like viruses, and malware, detect security lapses and eliminate hacking issues. They are used to manage computer networks in an organization and data encryption. The security manager is used to check the security of the device and computer peripherals and ensure that no data corrupted is there in the device and all the computers are working smoothly. He leads his team to make everything done on the time. 

Database Manager

Database managers are used to creating and managing the organization’s system for storing various types of data. These professionals get a good salary package because they have the responsibility of managing databases for the growth of the business on a day-to-day basis. These managers are responsible for checking the issues of the database and trying to remove them in no time for meeting the requirements of the businesses. 

The MBA in IT Management provides a perfect platform for this job profile and candidates choose this profession in large numbers. They used to execute various tasks and activities to manage data in a very planned manner.  The salary package and reputation make this job one of the tops in the IT industry. 

Data Security Analyst

Every business needs an analyst to analyze various projects and their operations. They also check and ensure that the software or computer applications are functioning correctly to produce good results. They tweak the devices and check for any unauthorised access. This job profile is one of the best in the industry that offers one of the best platforms to grow. After an Online MBA in Data Analytics, you can apply for this position through the CPC of your online institution or from an off-campus placement. You should have smart communication skills to hold this position.