Residential proxies

Types of Proxy List And Its Benefits For Users



A proxy is a connection that sits between the client and the server. The proxy list contains a list of option internet protocols as well as IP addresses derived from proxy servers. A user may use a proxy for a variety of reasons, and thus proxy lists provide the user with alternative IP addresses.

Proxy server types to be aware of:

There are various types of proxies. And here are some additional details to encourage the advisable use of proxy lists:

Anonymous proxy

It serves as an intermediary layer between the internet and personal computers, as the name implies. It improves anonymity when accessing content online, making your system untraceable.

Residential proxy

These proxy lists are specific to a particular location or physical device. It assists the user in blocking unwanted advertisements on a website. Residential proxies are extremely useful for survey locations.

 Datacenter Proxy

These proxies are provided by a Datacenter rather than an affiliated service provider. The proxy server is present in the datacenter, and all requests are routed through it.

Public proxies

Users concerned about the cost of using a proxy IP address can choose this type because it covers up the user’s identity. They are accessible to the public and free of charge.

Private proxy

To maintain anonymity, Private proxies are dedicated to a client accessing the internet.

Shared proxy

A low-cost proxy is a shared proxy that many users can access at the same time. It is appropriate for actions that necessitate slower accessibility.

Rotating proxy

These proxies provide greater anonymity by assigning different IP addresses to connecting users.

Secure Sockets Layer proxy

It enables decryption between the client and the server while concealing its own existence between them.

Reverse proxy

It sits in front of the web servers and forwards client requests from the browser to the web servers.

Proxy forwarded

A forward proxy is appropriate for an internet network and is placed in front of the clients. It obtains data for a group of network users.

Other types of proxy:

SOCKS5 proxy server

These proxies route traffic through the firewall and exchange data with the client and server.

Residential proxy that remains constant

It combines the speed of residential proxies with the speed of Datacenter proxies and is used for faster access.

HTTP proxy

It handles one-way requests to web browsers via HTTP protocols.

Mobile proxy

These proxies are useful for web scraping from mobile phones.

Web proxy server

It is the same as HTTP proxies in that it forwards HTTP requests. The URL is used instead of the path.

CGI stand-in

Web forms accept requests, process them, and return the results to the web browser.

Sneaker proxy

It is used to improve the performance of the sneaker bot. To get your hands on limited edition sneakers!

Suffix proxy

Appends the proxy name to the content’s URL in order to avoid web filters.


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