Use of key holders and door hangers for printing


The hospitality businesses such as resorts, hotels, spas, and other entities use all types of marketing materials to showcase their brand to the customer. Among the most unique ones are two things that we will discuss here. These are key card holder and door hangers.

Let’s know why they are so extensively used and how you can use them too just as others do. Remember that when it comes to marketing and branding you have to leave no stone unturned to get the maximum profit and business out of your guests.

Best way to show the brand value of your brands

There is no doubt that a door hanging printing or when you talk about a key holder these two items are one of the best printable marketing material or information that you can put to use.

The reason these two items are used is because they are used by your guests all the time. For example, let’s take the example of door hanger printing.

The pouch or the folder within which the key card is kept can be used as a valuable marketing and branding material for your hotel.

These will be used by the customer as long as they stay in your hotel.

The other reason you want to use them is because of the protection purposes as they prevent any scratches on the magnetic strip of the key card.

Get your guests to know that you are in an all-round business

Many hotels have their value-added services in the hotel itself such as a massage and spa center, in-house restaurant, bar lounge, snacks, and refreshments counter, video games arena, and other things.

Now, of course, you want your guests in your hotel staying at a given point of time to be using all these services too for providing the best luxury and as a premier hotel among the rest.

This is where you can use key card holders and print such services too and along with your hotel name and brand logo.

Makeshift designs and a range of unique patterns to choose from

The other reason why they are in use today is because it showcases their status symbol and the best high-class etiquettes and services.

For this, the hotels and resorts are spending lots of money to print out unique shapes and sizes, designs, or textures in the company and highlight them in front of the customer.

What do you need to know when hiring a company?

If you are searching for the best printing stationery items company for your branded and highly luxurious hospitality services then you can check out VC Print.

Here are a few things you got to know before choosing any other company from this segment-

Relative experience in printing such materials

Find out what is the relative experience of the company and find out the previous contracts which they have completed. This will also give you an idea of which luxury brands they have worked with or what collection for door hanger printing do they have.

What shape and texture you want

There are loads of shapes, designs, textures, and other stuff such as size and color of fonts that can be highly critical to make a long-term effect of your brand value in the minds of the customer. There are loads of designs and textures to choose from so you need to choose wisely.

Find out your budget

Of course, you don’t want your budget to be out of your range when you are printing such stationery items for your hospitality business.

Quality of printing and the technology used in it

The best brands such as VC Print will use the best technology to ensure durable and high-quality printing.