What are the best aphrodisiacs for men and women

What are the best aphrodisiacs for men and women?


Herbs, fruits, sweets, and various spices

It is said that the best male female aphrodisiacs that a man can use include his charm, self-confidence, and performance in bed. That may be true, but not every guy has all these ingredients in the optimal ratio and can always show them 100%. Proven aphrodisiacs from the category of various foods, plants, and spices are therefore much more effective.

What are aphrodisiacs for man and women, and what are their effects?

The term aphrodisiac is almost as old as humanity itself. Aphrodisiacs are devices that can arouse all the senses in the human body in order to perceive physical arousal more intensively and later also direct or indirect stimulation and stimulation.

Given that the functioning of the male and female reproductive systems, as well as the hormones associated with it, are different, it is necessary to distinguish between those who work better for men and those that work better for women, even in the case of aphrodisiacs. The plus for women is that in addition to affecting their love lives use Fildena 100 and Fildena 120 to improve your love lives, they can also have indirect positive consequences.

Here is an overview of the most beneficial effects they offer:

  • primarily aphrodisiac acts on the level of love hormones, especially estrogen, in order to stimulate it and increase physical appetite
  • at the same time, they improve blood flow to the reproductive system and intimate area, which in practice means an increase in arousal when stimulating the genitals
  • some aphrodisiacs can also act on the bust, although not directly on its enlargement, but at least on increasing strength and elasticity

A very positive effect is the improvement of the moistening of the vagina and the increase of its secretion, which will also be reflected in a better experience of physical intercourse.

The best male and female aphrodisiac with proven effects

Several types of food can be used as an aphrodisiac for men and women, whether it is a healthy fruit or even less healthy sweets, but also various types of herbs and spices. The plus is that these are natural remedies with the possibility of long-term action.

You can reach for the following types:


If you like sweets, include chocolates with higher cocoa content in your diet. Cocoa beans have not only a great taste but also an excellent aphrodisiac effect in two ways. On the one hand, they help to improve blood circulation in the genital area, but at the same time, they also improve mood and mental vitality.

Bananas and melons: 

These two fruits are an aphrodisiac for both men and women. In the example of bananas, it is the effect of magnesium on calming the nervous system and bromelain on increasing physical desire, while red melon contains the amino acid arginine, which improves blood flow to intimate areas.


Dates are an exotic type of aphrodisiac, which is a great ingredient in various foods, but especially in the Arab world, it is a very good stimulant of physical energy and vitality. Thanks to the content of vitamins, fiber, and trace elements, they help to calm the nervous system and better survive orgasm.


One of the best vegetables to promote intimate libido and health in women is asparagus. It contains substances that help increase physical appetite, but also phytoestrogens, which in turn improve fertility, alleviate problems during menstruation, and also the negative effects of menopause.


Several types of spices can also have an aphrodisiac effect on the female body. These are mainly cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, saffron, or chili. These types of spices contain substances that stimulate blood circulation and increase arousal in the genital area during physical stimulation.


In the form of teas and decoctions, herbs can also be used to support a woman’s and men’s love appetite also you can use some pills like Fildena 150 or vigora 100. A great intimate stimulant is, for example, Ginkgo Biloba, which also helps to increase the feeling of energy, Serena creeping with phytoestrogens, fenugreek to support estrogen, or Peruvian watercress directly to increase libido.

Red wine: 

For both men and women, a healthy amount of red wine can significantly increase the feeling of physical energy. It contains resveratrol and several antioxidants that release tension, increases love arousal, and also act on the body’s more intense response to irritation.