What Are The Key Elements For An Effective Test Automation Strategy?


The inadequate testing of the application is the key reason for the application failure rate and ultimately it results in a bad user experience. In the current digital world, there may be multiple factors that can contribute to the failure of the performance of your application. In this regard, you need to maintain the perfect test automation strategy to remove the chances of such application failure. In extreme cases, there may be chances of data theft or data breach if the application is not properly tested.  The testing process covers a plethora of activities to ensure that the Application under Test (AUT) is working flawlessly even under pressure it is secure and can withstand the volatile market conditions.

There are several elements of the test automation strategy that you need to follow in order to maintain the performance of the application in a proper manner. Therefore, let’s explore these elements one after the other to get a better insight into it.

  • Test automation strategy must be result oriented:- Your team and the organization must set the testing strategy in such a manner that it can achieve the goal of your organization. Your team needs to understand the objective and the motive of testing the application. This will make the entire process of the test automation strategy result oriented. When your strategy is driven by objectives then you are setting parameters in every step of your work process to achieve the desired goals. The objectives may vary from company to company like faster time to market, reduced testing efforts, rigorous regression testing, cost effective testing, and much more are there.
  • You need to work with a suitable test automation tool:- The choice of tools entirely depends on your business objectives. Today in the market there are commercial tools available for testing and open source tools are also there that you can also rely on. Depending on your budget and business objectives you can make your choice for selecting the tools. There are certain parameters that you can consider while selecting the tool like maintenance cost, support from the team, renewal cost, training cost, compatibility of the tool, and the consistent performance of that particular tool on diverse projects. The selection of the right tool can determine the fate of automation testing services provided by your company to your clients.
  • Check the reusability of your test scripts:– The test scripts reusability you need to consider for your test automation purpose. The basic objective is to build scripts and automation frameworks that can be implemented on various functions. It is very crucial that you must consider this factor in your test automation strategy. The reusability of the test scripts can increase the speed and is very cost-effective in nature. Along with that, it adds value to your framework so that it can be used in other projects and across multiple devices and the platforms where you want to use it.
  • Mix your application development plan with test automation strategy:– With the presence of agile development, approach testing has become one of the important parts of the development process. When your overall development plan gets blended perfectly with your test automation strategy then you can consider your work process to be successful. The best approach in this regard is to align your business goals with your overall development process. For that, you need to build an application that is secure to collaborate with the third party eco-system in a proper way. Depending on your business objectives you need to determine your business automation strategy.
  • Determine your requirement:– You need to determine your requirement and priorities first. You have the liberty to create a development team and a testing strategy team whose work must align with your business objectives. The dedicated team of professionals must understand the requirements properly for automation testing. For automating the test scripts the team must come up with their own ideas and expertise to help you in achieving your objectives. For answering all the queries related to test automation a dedicated team of professionals is reasonable to answer it. They are the sole planners and executives for devising your automation testing services properly.
  • Is your team is sync with the strategy and automation testing tool:– It is very important to understand your team requirement before selecting a tool for the automation strategy. You need to cross-check the fact that whether your team members can handle the tool properly. Before selecting the tool you need to do team mapping. You need to understand the potential of your team members. If you see they lack experience in handling the tool then you need to develop your training program. You need to make your team members fully accustomed to the application of the new tool before allocating the responsibilities to them.
  • Select the time frame:– Your automation testing company must consider the fact that do they plan to do automation testing for long-term purposes or for meeting specific client requirements. You need to consider these factors before adopting any automation testing strategy, tool, or team. If you are in a mind to achieve the long term goals then you need to formulate your plan in that manner. You cannot afford to take things for granted. Depending on your future plan your team will respond and you can proceed further. Hence, you need to consider these facts carefully.

Hence, while you devise your test automation strategy for your business you must consider the above elements in your mind first. Your team members, the tool you select and the planning of your automation testing strategy must blend with your business plan. These factors are very crucial and can help you in achieving your business goals. The better you strategize things the better will be the outcome for your business. Proper automation testing of the application can reduce errors and can provide better performance as well as can deliver a better user experience. Hence, you need to set your priority in a proper manner before you provide your services.