What Can I Expect From a Disaster Cleanup Service Lakeland Florida?

Home Improvement

Natural disasters can undo decades of the hard work that you put into building a life. Even if the house endures, the cleanup after a disaster can be significant. Since it’s hard to know where to start, the smart move is to call a disaster cleanup service Lakeland Florida and get help from a professional. Here are some of the things that the service can do for you.

Assessing the Scope of the Damage

A lot of the damage is easy to see. It’s the damage that’s not readily seen that concerns you. One of the benefits of having a professional service come in is that they can detect damage that you may overlook. That includes water trapped in walls, mold that’s tucked away in places you would never think to look, and a thousand other problems that could become threats in the future. That initial assessment by a team of professionals makes it much easier to know what it will take to restore the property.

Removing What Can’t Be Salvaged

Even with the team’s best efforts, some things will be beyond salvaging. That includes carpeting, rugs, window treatments, and upholstered furniture. In some cases, even hardwood flooring will have to go. The goal is to get rid of anything that might still be contaminated in some way, even after attempting to clean those belongings. Doing so will go a long way toward protecting your health once it’s safe to move back into the building.

Cleaning What’s Left

Everything that can possibly be saved will be cleaned thoroughly. The team from the disaster cleanup service Lakeland Florida will also make sure it’s disinfected as well as deep cleaned. That’s to ensure there’s nothing remaining that could pose a health threat to you in any way. While it’s dismaying to part with some of your cherished belongings, you’ll be surprised at how much the cleaning team is able to restore.

Along with identifying what has to go, the service will oversee the removal process. You can rest assured that anything that must be removed will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

Working With Your Insurance Provider

Money is something you’re thinking about after a disaster. How much will it cost to get things back to normal? The good news is that your property insurance does cover the costs of restoration, so your out of pocket expenses will be relatively low.

The right disaster cleanup service will be set up to work directly with your insurance company. That includes filing a claim on your behalf and providing all the supporting documentation that needs to accompany the claim. Thanks to this type of support, you get to focus more on recovering from whatever has happened and not have to worry about the financial toll.

These are only a few of the ways that the right disaster recovery cleanup service can help you. If you’re facing the restoration of your property after some sort of natural disaster, call today and arrange for a professional to visit the site. The process for getting things back to normal may be simpler and faster than you dreamed possible.