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What Do You Need To Understand About OB-GYNs and Their Role?


The joy of discovering that you are pregnant is undoubtedly unmatched, but at the same time, things can be pretty overwhelming for you. Right from picking the right diet to following an exercise routine, you need to be aware of everything that will ensure your baby’s health.

From the prenatal appointment till the time of your labor, there is a person you can trust, i.e., your gynecologist or OB-GYN. Yes, it is highly important to find yourself a good gynecologist in Hyderabad who can look after your health throughout the journey of pregnancy.

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However, when it comes to OB-GYN, there are plenty of things that you might want to ask. In this article, we are going to explain everything you can expect from your gynecologist in Hyderabad. 

What is an OB-GYN?

Specializing in women’s health care, an OB-GYN or obstetrician-gynecologist who takes care of female reproductive health. Hence, seeing an OB-GYN is ideal during pregnancy.

Your OB-GYN will offer you a wide range of health services that include STI screenings, birth control, breast exams, and all types of gynecologic concerns.

When it comes to pregnancy, an OB-GYN is far better than your gynecologist. OB-GYNs are experts in female reproductive health, and they have specialized in pregnancy care. Obstetrics is a medicine branch that deals with treatments during pregnancy. Right from routine check-ups to your labor, an OB-GYN will be assisting you throughout the process.

Is an OB-GYN Any Different From An Obstetrician Or Gynecologist?

It might be the first question that popped into your mind when we started talking about OB-GYN. Well, it is the most common query that every new mom-to-be has in their minds.

It is simple to understand like this: obstetrician care during pregnancy and post-partum. In comparison, gynecologists are focused on overall female reproductive health. Hence, an OB-GYN is a trained professional who is specialized in both gynecology and obstetrics. So, you get the best of both worlds, when you reach out to an OB-GYN.

Is OB-GYNs Different From Certified Nurse-Midwives?

You must understand the fact that certified nurse-midwives and OB-GYNs are highly trained professionals who have got the license to provide pregnancy care. However, there are a few things that set them apart.

Birthing specialties is the major difference between both. OB-GYNs can attend all sorts of high-risk pregnancies, but midwives can tackle the low-risk pregnancies. So, it depends on you to make a decision whom you want to choose.

What To Expect From An OB-GYN During Pregnancy?

Your OB-GYN will be focused on your overall health during pregnancy. They will conduct tests, use their experience to create tailored health services for you. OB-GYNs are also well-versed with pregnancy complications, so they will be offering you quality services throughout your pregnancy journey. They will provide you with care tips that you can follow at different stages of pregnancy.

You must visit your OB-GYN monthly, biweekly, and later on weekly to track your baby’s growth. OB-GYNs are also partnered with a nurse practitioner who will assist them during the process. They will guide you at the time of tests and provide you with the required guidelines.

You may not be aware of the care methods to follow during pregnancy, but your OB-GYN team will make you well-versed with techniques to take care of your body and baby.

During the delivery, your OB-GYN will offer complete care along with the team. Your OB-GYN will choose the right birthing method according to your health condition. You can completely rely on OB-GYNs as they have experience and expertise in dealing with delivery and postpartum care.

It is essential to choose the best hospital or health care center where you can avail all the credible amenities and technology to get through the delivery. 

Becoming pregnant can be confusing, initially. But, with the right guidance, you can get a sense of knowledge. The very first thing you need to understand is the importance of a gynecologist in your pregnancy journey. You need to get yourself a qualified gynecologist in Hyderabad who can guide you through the journey. OB-GYN has emerged as the best choice for many new moms-to-be.

These are specialized doctors who are experts in both obstetrics and gynecology. You can rely on them from the beginning of your pregnancy till your kid starts seeing a pediatrician. 

Mother’s health is as important as the infant’s health. So, you must not compromise on the health services and get yourself a credible OB-GYN. The guide mentioned above will help you understand the difference between OB-GYNs and other gynecological experts.