What Role SEO Plays For E-commerce And Retail Websites


Website owners become more concerned about search rankings these days. Digitalization is actually at its peak as small businesses have also started shifting their business on the web. The situation of covid19 has somehow awakened every business persons to remain ready for a plan B. With a good SEO Company Ahmedabad you can stand tall in between your competitors and even beat the biggest brands.

However, the search engine gives an equal platform to all businesses, just they need to stay active in every way; whether it’s about content, website structure, SEO tactics, latest techniques, Google updates and many other things to push the website on the top.

Today, we focus on SEO service for E-commerce and retail stores. So, let’s start!

We all are passing through a pandemic tunnel, the horrible corona threat. During the time, customers have changed their way of purchase or we can say, they have preferred ordering stuff online instead of going out in the risk. It indicates the change in consumers’ shopping behavior and their priorities too. E-commerce and retail stores have remarked the change as people looked out for products or services that are to their door.

The change in searches is clearly observed as searchers’ focus move from “party wear clothes” to “lingerie” and “night suits” as they spend more time in the home than outside.

Why should E-commerce and retail spend into SEO over PPC?

The current situation shows that SEO is a smart way to adapt as it can have 53% of the traffic – One of the highest percentages among other channels. With time, keywords continue to increase and so the competition and cost-per-click. Keyword optimization and winning the organic SERPs become more preferable strategy especially with the limited budget.

On the other hand, creating new content that helps in finding answers to what consumers are looking for currently will be helpful to stay at the top between competitors. In addition, there is a significant growth in consumers that watch video content than it was before.

During the time of social distancing & lockdown period, there is 15.3% the increase in YouTube usage.   

Thus, it’s important to spend your time in bringing out the right type of videos that audiences find engaging, humorous, and informative.

E-commerce and retail sites have shifted marketing strategies towards SEO to bring out the benefits. With the utilization of SEO into e-commerce and retail strategies, you can drive more successful results to the website.

It’s a rebounding stage

As per the research of Bright Edge, E-commerce and retail have entered into a rebounding stage currently. While there are various categories of retail and E-commerce that continues to determine the way of purchases. There are categories where you can expect constant growth. Moreover, online shopping help to see an overall increase in sales as customers have mix feelings to leave the home.

Communicate to stay at home

Due to the changes in society, E-commerce sites could be considered as the most important communication for targeting customer’s experiences.

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