Why Indian people are crazy for buying Vivo smartphones

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Great prices, coupled with best-in-class features and good looks have made Indian customers fall in love with Vivo smartphones. Read on to know more.

Vivo entered the Indian smartphone market in 2012, and has since opened a manufacturing base here.

The brand grabbed almost 20% market share during the second quarter of 2020, and sits in the top three positions in terms of market share.

So what do Indian smartphone users love so much about Vivo? Vivo’s upcoming mobile phones are being touted to wow the users, so we take a closer look at what makes the brand so special in the eyes of the consumers.


The first factor appears to be price. Today, it is rather easy to get a fancy, high functioning Vivo under 10,000 INR. But Vivo does not only target the under-10,000 INR segment for smartphones.

It has something stellar for every consumer segment. Price alone does not ensure demand, especially among Indian consumers who are often considered to be the most discerning in the world.

So when we say “something stellar”, we’re talking about genuinely enviable, praise-worthy features and technology.

For example, the 44-megapixel selfie camera Vivo V20 packs, which is slated for launch this week is being tremendously talked about in the news.

This upcoming mobile is available for less than Rs. 30,000. The newly-launched Vivo Y51 with its 48-megapixel quad-rear camera array and its under-screen fingerprint sensor is considered to be one of the best phones under-20,000 INR price point.

Something for Everyone

The brand perhaps also owes its popularity to the fact that it offers a wide variety of options. Its phones are divided into the X series, the Y series, the NEX Series, the U Series, the Z series and the V series.

That’s quite a bundle of product differentiation – perfect for a country that’s all about diversity.

Vivo introduced a whopping 27 models last year and has boasted a double-launch or more per month this year too, according to brand-watchers.

Of course, the brand is playing its cards right too: It invests heavily in getting its brand message out to the Indian consumer.

And it has over 600 service centers in the country – another important factor as far as Indian consumers are concerned.

Exquisite Design

Indian consumers are obsessed with owning good-looking smartphones. Vivo smartphones, with their sleek, fancy-looking appearance have thus also worked well for the country’s aesthetic tastes.

In fact, one of the key buzzwords around Vivo’s upcoming mobile, the V20, is that it is to be 2020’s slimmest phone. Vivo’s phones typically also look a lot more expensive than they are.

This is a huge plus for the price-conscious, appearance-sensitive Indian market. It is no wonder we’re crazy about Vivo smartphones.

Whether you’re looking for a quad-rear camera phone, an incredibly sleek model, or a smart phone with a selfie camera that works magic, you can find it among Vivo’s buffet of smart phones.

You can get features that would ordinarily cost heavily at half the price and with just as much brand promise.

You need not even stick to a Vivo phone under 10,000 INR; you may want to purchase a Vivo smartphone that is feature-packed, but might be too concerned about the phone’s price.

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