Monday, January 17, 2022


Raw green coffee beans

When someone says coffee, you instinctually think of the dark brown-colored drink that everyone loves. Therefore, your brain might get a bit confused when you hear the term “green coffee”. Although the term, “green coffee” has an environment-friendly vibe to it, in reality, the term applies to unroasted raw green coffee beans. Green coffee has […]

Fashion and Lifestyle

Jazz in Harlem

Know All about Jazz – a Unique American Music of the Roaring Twenties

The popular entertainment in the 1920s that brought African-American culture to the white middle class is Jazz music. An age of cultural movement in America during the 1920s is known as the Jazz Age. It was a period of new styles of music and dance. The Roaring twenties personified freedom as the mindset and jazz […]

terrazzo bathroom tiles

All that you need to know about terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles trace their origin to Italy. In the Italian language, terrazzo refers to a balcony. This flooring material is one of the oldest in the history of humankind. Terrazzo tile is a chip blend of different materials such as granite, marbles, glass, etc. They are bound together with the help of a cement-like substance […]


Benefits of Taking Professional Microblading Training in Seattle

Microblading is a very popular permanent makeup treatment and is currently in high demand. People are always looking for a skilled and qualified brow artist to take care of their brows. If you dream of being a professional in this field or want to improve your career prospects, consider getting microblading training in Seattle. Here’s […]

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